How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android Phones

Basically what i am going to share with you when you are signed in your google account with android phone when you reset your phone it will ask you to sign in the gmail account which you have signed in before.

So, if you don’t know about that account credentials then what you will do so, I am going to help you out when we start the device it asks for the wifi or mobile data connection.

Now first of all, connect the wifi network before entering the password then make sure you have selected the google keyboard layout if you don’t know how to do that then simple press long on the space bar then it will show you google keyboard.

That is when realizing how to bypass the Google account check turns into a decent aptitude to have. Sadly, it is anything but a clear procedure, regardless of what sort of gadget you’re utilizing.

Bypass Google FRP Lock Through Settings

This is not a straightforward system as many people thought that they can bypass the Google FRP Lock easily so, even turning off the option gets many steps.

  • Disable FRP
  • Bypass the verification by doing resetting the device (Only on some devices)
  • You can Frp Bypass verification using an APK tool
  • Bypass the verification through series of the action during the setup  (Only on some devices)


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then go to clouds & accounts or it will show you accounts
  3. Then tap on the accounts
  4. Search & tap on your google account
  5. Then click & remove the account 
  6. It may show you a page to verify that you are removing your google account so, now tap on the Remove account & click on Yes, I Agree.
  7. So, by doing this your account will be removed easily.

But many people don’t do this and once you have removed your google account from the settings then you will not deal with the FRP Lock. And even if you are selling your phone to someone then you will need to also do that because maybe he will not reach you again.

Bypass FRP Lock By Resetting

Here are some steps to follow to bypass the frp lock easily if the above given method didn’t work for you. You may also create a chatbot


  1. Once you reset your phone completely, when you have reached the google account verification screen, go back to the wireless network screen.
  2. Simply tap on the add network button/option.
  3. In the SSID box enter the random SSID or numbers.
  4. Then long press on the text & share it with Gmail from the list of sharing.
  5. Now tap on the notification then app settings.
  6. Now choose the 3 dots which appear on the upper right side.
  7. You ought to be incited to keep on settings. Pick Continue whenever incited for confirmation.
  8. Now in settings select the backup & reset then > factory data reset.
  9. Now your google account will be removed easily by doing this step.

Thank You for reading.

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