Calendar.AI is a smart calendar app you will actually use

Let’s face it; no one prioritizes getting ready for meetings. There’s always so much going on in the “real world” of business that you don’t always have the time or inclination to prepare for upcoming meetings.  People let’s admit, are basically lazy, and attention spans have shortened quite a bit.

When it comes to planning your day or researching the people and companies you do business with; if it’s not on the agenda, you aren’t likely to do it. However, studies show that if something is on your calendar, you are much more prone to accomplish it and keep your plans on track. Therefore, instead of just making a list, Calendar.AI schedules all your tasks within one, nice, easy calendar interface that’s a treat to look at.

Calendar.AI gives you a place to attach documents, emails, lists, and even add notes, so all you need to take with you to your next meeting, is your cell phone.

You show up without a clue of who you are meeting with, what the agenda is about, and you feel stressed before it even gets started. A lack of preparation can also cost you valuable opportunities with new clients or vendors. That’s where Calendar.AI steps in to help.

So what is the big deal with Calendar.AI?

Calendar.AI is a revolutionary smart calendar and scheduling tool, all in one. Some of its best features are:

  • A user-friendly, attractive interface that is easy to use and super-fast.
  • Powerful company insights with the tap of a finger – (key members, funding, news, stock prices, and social media bursts.
  • Personal profiles of everyone attending – see their social media feeds, contact information, employment history, location, and even photos.
  • Weather-at-a-glance built into the agenda view.
  • Attach meeting minutes, agendas, or other documents to any scheduled meeting.
  • Integrate video conferencing into your meetings (GoToMeeting, Webex, Skype or Business, or Zoom).
  • Add private notes to any calendar entry.
  • Cross-platform support for iOS and Android.

Calendar.AI is unlike any other calendar app, bringing powerful insights and helpful information to you instantly. It uses machine learning to anticipate connections and schedule conflicts to make managing your schedule and your time easier. The best part is, Calendar.AI is free!

The AI Solution – Calendar.AI

The powerful AI features of Calendar.AI give you a snapshot of each participant and company background information you can use to prepare. There is no need to spend time searching the web for information on their company, partners, key members, or news. Calendar.AI provides it all in one, nice, neat package.

You simply tap on the company logo that shows up automatically when you schedule the meeting, and the information is gathered and delivered to your cell phone instantly. The same goes for each participant. Calendar.AI’s proprietary algorithms collect data from all corners of the web and put together helpful profiles so you can get to know your meeting participants within minutes without searching online.

After the meeting is over, you can also use the Smart Scheduler to book a follow-up meeting without all the back-and-forth between attendees trying to find the right time. Calendar.AI checks each person’s schedule and finds the perfect, available time slot to meet. This is the power of Calendar.AI.

Don’t wait, take back your schedule, and find more time with Calendar.AI!

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