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Hack, huckster, grifter, charlatan and other less than favorable epithets are being tossed around by Democratic party operatives like confetti at a wedding these days and ironically the whole fight is actually over paper.  The paper ballot that is.

There seem to be three sides to this whole election integrity issue, audit the paper ballots, audit the digital scans of the ballots from the voting machines, or just do a digital audit of the voting machines themselves.  If you were to dig a little deeper, you will find there is even a further choosing of sides in the audit part of the debate. Those who want to see, audit, and verify 100% of everything and those who are perfectly happy to sample 2 or 3 ballots per 1000 ballots cast.

The fulcrum tipping the scales of election integrity can be summed up in looking at the professionals who are putting themselves out there in attempting to determine what actually happened or did not happen in the 2020 general election. Modern agents for election integrity are under immense political, social, and very public scrutiny and it seems to come down to one agent doing something about it and while the other agent is name calling.


You know how it goes when the word “dossier” is tossed around. Take for instance the “Steele Dossier” or the “Trump-Russia Dossier” which was political opposition research written from June to December 2016 containing allegations of misconduct, conspiracy, and co-operation between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the government of Russia prior to and during the 2016 election campaign. The now fully debunked Steele dossier cost the American taxpayers more then $40m and it was created so liberals could attempt to impugn the character of one Donald J. Trump. More importantly it was created by Democrats, in specific Hillary Clinton and the DNC, because they were so terrified of the prospects and possibilities of Donald J. Trump if he were to gain the Presidency.

Seem the Democrats have not learned their “dossier” lesson and yet again are utilizing a dirty dossier as a way to get out in front of something they are in absolute fear of – election integrity. Today the dossier circulating among Democrats and their operatives is one compiled on technology pioneer and phenomenally successful inventor, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer.


The historical audit being conducted in Arizona seems to be the vulcanizing process which may finally free American elections from the stickiness and odor of questionable elections and has emerged as the real battle which is being vetted for its hardening of whether ballot images (the scans captured by the actual voting machines when scanned in) or digital forensic high-definition original scans of the actual ballots cast by the voters is what should be considered most important in terms of audit to the American public?  On one side of the battle is an haggard light worker, Bernie Sanders supporter, John Brakey who promotes himself as an ultra left “lightworker” and in case you do not know what a lightworker is “a lightworker is a human being with an awakened spirituality and aims to lead as a spiritual warrior and teacher. They may talk and look like normal human beings, but they are far from being usual.”

The individual who claims to have spiritual god-like abilities just also happens to be the deputy audit liaison, for the Maricopa County, Arizona audit, John Brakey.  Aside from healing people with his mind and possibly emitting light rays from his eyes or fingertips, John seems to have been involved in elections for 17 years monitoring, observing, and investigating elections in Arizona.  John who has been working to undo and undermine conservative values has never let his left based bias and venom for anything or anyone conservative be hidden, as evident of his October 29, 2020 Facebook post claiming Brett Kavanaugh was a bad guy and supporting the unfounded and laughable in hindsight idea that “Brett Kavanaugh laid out a plan to help Trump steal the election”.


The opposing side of this battle for election integrity may not be a light worker who vibrates higher than all other humans on the planet and from what I have seen does not seem to shoot light beams out of either his eyes or hands, but he sure does seem to have success and patents out the wazoo!

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is quite possibly one of the single most successful and relevant inventors of all time. In an effectiveness and usefulness review of top technology inventors and their patents conducted in early 2019 citing sources such as IPWatchDog, AcclaimIP, USPTO and others, intellectual property professionals put Pulitzer in the number 1 inventor position with an astounding 4790% over the industry average for patent citations compared to Elon Musk who came in at 987% over the industry average on the same scale.

Pulitzer, who has over 200 patents which specifically deal with scanning, machine readable codes and how machines interact with them (such as ballots and voting machines and literally has his patents as part of a licensed portfolio to almost all 15 billion mobile devices on the planet) felt something went horribly wrong with the 2020 general elections.  This prompted Pulitzer to put his 26 years of technological expertise in scanning and digital interactions to good use for the American voters.

Many have said that Pulitzer can “see the future” when it comes to technology and many consider his ability to patent the seemingly unpatentable nothing less of a miracle, but Pulitzer does not claim to be a wizard of have any special powers other than being able to solve problems with improved technology.


When asked about Pulitzer and his work, reported Brakey and his comments in the following manner “Brakey spoke at length about Pulitzer, describing him as a charlatan. He also shared with reporters an email dossier that describes Pulitzer as a ‘con artist who is a master of hoaxes and fraud’ and a ‘failed treasure hunter.”

When the same reporter asked Pulitzer about Brakey and his work, Pulitzer stated “Never heard of him, met him, or studied his work, so how can I even comment on him?”

When Pulitzer exposed calibration issues with Fulton, County Georgia 2020 general election ballots to the Georgia Senate Sub-Committee on Election Integrity in December 2020, his testimony immediately became viral across the internet.  Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger then soon after came under more intense political scrutiny due to Pulitzer’s examination of Georgia ballots.  In an attempt to discredit Pulitzer, Raffensperger’s office displaying actual malice towards Pulitzer, released a very libelous article, which among many false claims of fact slapped the label of “failed treasure hunter” over Pulitzer due to his recurring appearance on the hit History Channel show “Curse of Oak Island” where Pulitzer was tapped as a forensic historian and investigator to bring advanced technology and techniques to the series.


Brayer is a staunch proponent of all the evidence for an audit can be found in the internal scanned ballot images captured by the voting machines themselves.  Mr. Brakey’s Audit Elections USA’s website quotes “Ballot scanners create a digital image of every ballot and count the votes on the images (not the paper ballots). Digital image files can safely be made public for oversight without violating voter privacy.

Pulitzer who invented the Kinematic Artifact Detection platform to apply a new way to verify, audit and certify paper ballots as authentic, not counterfeit and legally compliant has a totally different view, “Just like our voting system is compromised and our audit systems are compromised, the actual scans of the ballots kept in the voting machines are compromised.”


In an explosive analysis Pulitzer showed Georgia courts that even though the voting machines have supposed copies of the ballots scanned internally, those scans are intentionally digitally compromised.  The report went on to detail how when the images are supposedly scanned in a 300 dpi, they are in reality “very small, digitally neutered 72 dpi images where even the grayscale has been removed making the ability to determine the origins, compliance and origins of the actual ballot impossible.” Pulitzer sealed the digital case shut when he revealed the data facts that the stored images of ballots are equally in quality and digital information as what was the initial IEEE G3 standard for facsimiles adopted in 1980.


As part of his report for the court, Pulitzer produced an exact digital clone of a hand voted mail in ballot as the voting machine scan stores it and what his Kinematic Artifact Detection platform actually sees, “The image on the left is barely 72dpi. That’s like an old Atari game you played on your TV in 1982. The image on the right, the way we capture the data is 238 times more data and quality than what is stored in the voting machines even today.  It is plain to see the image on the left is comically deficient of data suited for any type of real audit and the image on the right, even a lay person, one can see it is an oval marked by some sort of writing instrument, made on the ballot by hand.


“Our voting system must be re-engineered from top to bottom” states Pulitzer. “The time to quit trying to beguile the American public with digital smoke and mirrors must come to an end.  The system must become accountable to the people. The actual ballots have no identifying voter information and therefore they are able to be forensically audited while not exposing any voter information. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either outright lying or woefully uneducated from a technology standpoint” ends Pulitzer.

Bryer’s AUDIT USA contends it is a “nonpartisan public interest organization based in Arizona that is working to make elections from coast-to-coast more transparent, verified, and subject to public oversight” and continues to promote the myth that ballots contain voters’ personal information. Why does he do this? His financial support comes from those who do not want highly detailed audits and in specific do not want actual ballots, physical ballots audited in a manner which can differentiate a real vote from a counterfeit vote.  When looking at Pulitzer’s photographic comparison of a hand voted oval as captured by the voting machine and one captured by his system, it is easy to see why those who do not want the public to know the truth about voting always point to the simple machine audits or risk limiting audits. “The only thing about risk limiting audits is that they limit the risk of ever getting caught for those who abuse the system” asserts Pulitzer.

For me, I will just trust my eyes.  Technology may not be my thing and I may not be as enlightened and a higher vibrating soul like John Brakey, but my eyes tell me that Brakey is most likely exactly guilty of what he claims about Pulitzer. A classic desperate act of “there is nothing to see here folks and don’t believe those conspiracy folks.”  Pulitzer’s work is easy to understand and see, so why is it there are so many, usually with a D beside their party registration, who just don’t want the facts to come out? My intuition tells me Brakey sees the writing on the wall and his time has passed and the new, new is here to save American voting rights!

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