Oh my god!! These office Party ideas are really amazing

Office parties boost the company’s morale and employee’s enthusiasm. Every office Party has to be unique and different in their own way.

Popping up with new office part ideas are always welcomed in the corporate realm. Many individuals are looking for the best party ideas that will rock their next days.

As winter turn is approaching us, it is the time to look for the best office Party themes and ideas.

Flashback throw

Remembering good old days always mesmerize the employees. Ask them to dress up or theme up the way they look at their college days.

Arrange a few energising tasks that stir their activeness. Ask them to do some naughty things they used to do during class hours or outside.

Death wink

It is a fascinating game where winking back is equal to suicide. The game involves a group of people. Create enough slips and circulate among the employees.

In that slips, there will be few markings. For example, out of 10 cards, one card will have a letter M which represents the Murderer and a letter which represents the investigator. Out of these two cardholders, others are considered as victims.

The murderer winks at any one of the victims. If the victim winks back, it is considered as a murder. The investigator has to find out the murderer. It will be fun among the employees as everyone will be unaware of the murderer and the investigator as well.

Guess who is on the card

This game really creates fun among the employees. Before the party, the organizer will collect photos of famous celebrities. When the game starts, the organizer will put all the photos in a bowl.

Pick one employee from the gang and ask them to see the card. The employee has to act or use a single word to represent the person in the card. Faster the guesses, greater are the team scores. The winning team will get a small reward.

Grab tails

This game needs three players from a team. Select three players including a tall employee, short and medium employee. Ask them to stand one by one. The last one will hold a piece of cloth as a tail at his back.

The trios have to take the piece of cloth thereby moving in a circular direction. The team which collects most tails will win the game.

T-shirt day

It is time to have a tacky holiday clothing. Ask your employees to go along with the theme and pick a T-shirt.

Along with the participation, the employees will have a holiday mood when their outfits match their mind’s enthusiasm.

Paper bag skit

Usually, this game can have a team of four members. In this game, there will be two paper bags. One with the props. Another contains a problem they ought to solve in the skit.

Given 10 mins of time, the team has to come up with an engaging skit. The best time consuming and effective skit play will be rewarded.

Remote employee party

It is an attempt to interact with the employees working remotely. Ask all your employees to create an interesting video about their workplace. It may include decorating their workplace too. Each team can take up one day to show their creativity. At last, all the videos will be examined by the organizer. The best video will be appreciated.

Oh, baby, who is that?

Getting the employees into their childhood is utterly impossible. But, giving an illusion is what matters a lot. Here, in this game, the bowl consists of the employee’s childhood photos.

A member of the team has to pick up and identify who is in. After identifying, the employee has to make their team find out with the help of some actions.

A note to the organizers

Every office Party becomes unique when the organizer takes a step forward in a different direction. Identifying new games is quite difficult.

But getting a hint for your amazing office Party is quite easy. Services from Sylvia Tham may also help organizers in this case. Make use of it and bring up an enlightening party that makes all your employees fun-filled throughout the day. Happy partying!!

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