5 Benefits of Using Solar Energy

The radiation of the sun provides us solar energy which can be converted to heat and electricity. Solar energy is available for free and with technological advancement, we have ways to harness it for our use. It is a renewable form of energy with a number of benefits for mankind. It doesn’t produce harmful gases or emissions so don’t cause any kind of pollution. Residential solar panels are being installed at roofs of homes to help reduce their energy costs.

The clean and green solar energy benefits us in a number of ways. We have discussed here 5 such benefits of using solar energy.

  1. A clean and renewable source of energy

Solar power is unlimited and in-exhaustible. It is a continuous source of energy and doesn’t produce any kind of environmental pollution. With the use of solar energy, we can reduce our dependence on oil, coal and natural gas for electricity production. We know that oil, coal and natural gas are non-renewable and cause air, water and soil pollution. The emissions due to their use are responsible for global warming. Solar energy is unlimited and has no negative impact on the environment. It doesn’t affect the landscape and pose no harm on the ozone layer. It can help us greatly reduce the air pollution.

We know that traditionally thousands of liters of water are used each year for electricity generation. But generating electricity through the use of solar panels doesn’t require water. Using solar energy helps us save water. Therefore, tapping more and more solar energy could be a valuable step towards environmental protection.

  1. Solar energy is available everywhere

Wherever there is sunshine, you can use solar energy. There are still remote regions which can’t access any other energy source. Such places can easily tap solar energy to their benefit. There are a number of people round the globe who still have no access to electricity. For them solar energy can prove to be no less than a boon. The installation of solar panels is quite easy and simple. Solar energy is also used to power spacecrafts and boats. Solar cookers and solar lights are available.

  1. Economic benefits

The use of clean and green solar energy has economic benefits as well. It significantly reduces costs because of its inexhaustible nature. Its rate is not subjected to market fluctuations or speculations. You just require incurring the initial investment which could seem hefty but the cost is gradually offset by the amortization of the investment. For more details about the cost and other planning related things one can consult Rusty Tweed who did deep research on solar energy related projects. The most important fact is that solar energy is unlimited and is a continuous source of energy. It doesn’t have any additional maintenance or usage costs. Also with the technological advancement, the prices of the components required to manufacture solar panels have dropped significantly. So the solar cells are now more efficient and available at affordable prices. Solar panel grants are also available which can make your investment in solar panels more beneficial, you may even hire the service of a solar heating specialist in Auckland.

Your electricity bills are greatly reduced because you’ll be using less energy from the utility supplier. You can in fact make money by selling the unused electricity, which you have generated, back to the grid. In due course of time, you can become self reliant in the energy field. You’ll not have to depend on any other source.

  1. Local job creation

In order to harness solar energy, you require installing solar panels. In fact the major cost associated with using solar energy is that of the cost of installation of panels. This actually helps create jobs for local people. Therefore, the use of solar energy has a great positive impact on the local economy.

  1. Reduction in energy loss during long-distance transport

Around 3-5% is lost during transport and distribution of energy. And this energy loss increases with distance between the production and supply points. This loss which is not very large but it affects the performance of the installation in the densely populated areas.

However, the distances are drastically reduced if solar panels are installed on the roof tops of buildings. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the electrical system.


So now you must have got an idea as to how much beneficial solar power is for us. It benefits our environment by replacing exhaustible energy sources, reducing greenhouse gases, improving air quality, conserving water and reducing our electricity bills.

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