How To Put Together A Moving Costs Checklist

Moving house is one of the most stressful life events. There are multiple reasons why people are so affected by that. There are so many things to think about that it is almost impossible not to overlook some of the most important ones. Running out of money before moving-in completes is one of the biggest fears of most people. Thorough preparation and professional help are two things that can help you alleviate most of this stress. Here’s how to put together a moving costs checklist that will help you stay organized from a financial point of view.

To start with, you need to make a list of all moving-related expenses. If you decide to hire an expert moving company, that’s going to be your main cost. These professionals provide you with cardboard boxes, labels, and other accessories you’re going to need during packing. This means that you won’t have to forecast for these expenses since all these add-ons will come with your primary purchase. If you don’t know whether you can afford a moving company, you should calculate all these costs. Remember to budget for cardboard boxes, labels, adhesive tapes, plastic bags, packing cubes, and anything else you may find useful. If you need special packaging for some of your furniture items or household appliances, remember to add these costs, as well.

A moving company will come with workers and with an appropriately sized truck to load your stuff. All these will be included in the moving service. If you’re keen on doing everything by yourself, consider budgeting for a few workers and for a vehicle to move your belongings. You may want to invite your friends to help you. However, you’ll have to offer them at least a couple of drinks for this service. Besides, having friends help you move fragile items may not be such a great idea. You’d be much safer with professional movers who know how to handle heavy and delicate items to avoid damaging them. The choice is yours, but you may want to carefully consider all the pros and cons of each variant, in order to make the best choice. Also, you’ll have to ask at least three movers for quotes and cost estimates. Direct comparison is the best method to find a great deal.

If you need to move your car but you don’t feel like driving it all the way to your new home, remember to include this cost on your checklist. Someone will have to either drive your car cross country or load it on a vehicle to transport it to the destination. Even if you decide to drive it yourself, you’ll still need to budget for petrol and other costs related to this journey. In case of an interstate move, you may even need to spend one or two nights on the road to get to your destination. You should include all these costs in your moving budget. Leaving them out may result in problems, as they can add up to some relatively substantial amount. Sometimes, it may be better to sell your old car and buy a new one at your destination. This is something you should carefully estimate before making a decision regarding selling or relocating your vehicle.

Moving house involves also cleaning your old home to prepare it for the next tenants. If you don’t want to tackle such a difficult cleaning job by yourself, you’ll need to find cleaning professionals to provide you with custom quotes on your cleaning job. This is yet another cost to be considered in order to calculate moving costs.

Ending your agreements with current suppliers of utilities may also come with some costs attached. Make sure you check out all your agreements to see whether you need to pay anything for terminating these contracts before their expiry date. At the same time, you have to make new agreements with suppliers at your new home. Also, to avoid delays, make sure you handle all these issues a while before the actual day of the moving.

You should also check whether you can get some moving-related tax deductions which could help you save some money along the way to your new home. If needed, consider asking a legal advisor or a tax consultant to help you calculate these tax deductions.

The sooner you start putting together this checklist, the better. This should allow you to find the necessary resources to finance your move. In case you want to have your checklist as early as possible in the process, estimate the costs that require side by side comparisons of multiple offers. You can always estimate higher amounts, as that’s how you won’t risk exceeding your budget when the time comes to use all those services. While you are at it, remember that you can always sell some of your old stuff. If you no longer need some of your furniture items, books or clothes, consider organizing a garage sale to get rid of them and make some money in the process. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay for moving heavy stuff you don’t need. Get rid of clutter to save money and time, and to make your new home better than the old one.

As you can see, budgeting for your next move isn’t rocket science. All you need is a comprehensive costs checklist and a detailed activity plan. If you don’t know how to design these documents, you can check out the websites of some expert moving companies. Many of them offer various checklist templates to their readers in exchange for subscribing to their newsletter. This is usually very easy to do, and it doesn’t expose you to any risk, so you can safely grab those checklist templates to use for your move.

Feel free to use these guidelines to create a detailed moving checklist to help you keep tabs on all related costs. Your effort will be well worth it.

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