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INTERVIEW: Entrepreneur Kieran Bedi

Hello Kieran Bedi! How are you? Hey, I am great thanks. Where are you from? I am from London. But I’ve lived between the English countryside and London for the past ten years. How did you become an Entrepreneur? I was stuck in the bubble of school and wanted to …

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Why a Degree is so Important for your Career?

A college degree is outstanding amongst other potential approaches that will guarantee that you will have lot of skills upon graduation. There are a wide range of fields and a wide range of options to fulfill the degree, some paying higher than others however generally speaking, school graduates will win …

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Business Meeting Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Planning a corporate meeting or conference can often be full of uncertainties and not always moving in the right direction. It can be challenging for both beginners and professional planners because the person responsible for planning the meeting may not have an understanding of the overall objectives of the meeting …

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What is the Digital Oilfield?

We can sum up a new approach to Exploration and Production in Oil and Gas in just a single phrase, and that is ‘digital oilfield.’ A huge range of tasks I encompassed in it. As many aspects of the Exploration and Production revolves around the good life cycle. Basically, the …

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