How Sergej Heck is revolutionizing the investment industry

Fintech and Blockchain were topics which always inspired Sergej Heck. Through decentralization, you can achieve much more than an investor if you have the know how in the field. However, most people do not have the knowledge to make the best investment decisions . Most people know that Bitcoin exists, but they don’t know what the price of a crypto currency depends on, how tokenized projects are structured and how an investor can benefit from blockchain. Heck realised early that there are problems for both private investors and companies. Private investors have usually a lack access to exclusive conditions. Companies on the other hand, find it difficult to market themselves and, above all, their project properly. Therefore Heck developed Marketpeak, a Dubai-based company that helps companies as well as investors.

It all started for Sergej Heck after his studies. After he had earned good money in his job but was unhappy, he knew that he had to change something. Therefore he decided to invest 10,000 Euros in an online marketing course from the US. This created the base for his skillset and success. He was able to transfer the knowledge in the network marketing field and managed to build a team with over hundreds of thousands of partners within a few months.

But he already knew at that point that he wanted to develop further. His passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies was already very strong at that time. So he founded at the beginning of 2017. On this platform he informed people mainly about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The next blog,, followed shortly after. On this platform the focus is on how cryptocurrencies influencing the world. With both blogs he generates monthly traffic between 300,000 and 600,000.

A completely new chapter began for Sergej with the founding of Marketpeak in May 2019. With this platform, Heck created a decentralized and tokenized solution for investors and companies. With his professional management team, they manage the platform and review requests from companies on a daily basis. In fact, only a few projects manage to be listed because the security standards at Marketpeak are high. Before a project is published on the platform, a review is carried out by the Marketpeak-Team. Early entry for projects is also possible for investors on Marketpeak. In this way, they can maximise their returns per annum. Marketpeak also offers an attractive rewards program for its members, which they can take advantage of and thereby multiply their income.

No success without Hate

Sergej Heck had to deal with accusations on the Internet in the past. Some Sites claimed that his products and services were scams. We have also asked how he deals with these allegations. He tells us that it is not unusual for him. He knows many successful entrepreneurs who have had to deal with such accusations. He and his team have examined these allegations. They have noticed that none of these people have tested Marketpeak and have never been an active member of the platform. Haters often have only one goal on the Internet to make someone look bad in the internet, as he described. In addition some of these people demanding money in order to remove these bad articles, I decided to not put so much energy into it and let my lawyer handle this situation for me. You should therefore form your own opinion of Marketpeak before you get yourself to be influenced too quickly by term “scam”.

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