Interview: Outletbeatz


Hi Outletbeatz ! How are you?

I am doing great.

How did you get into music producing?

I first fell in love with hip hop when I was in middle school when I heard Eminem’s album “Recovery”. A few years later I learned how to play the guitar. After a while, I began developing a passion and knew that I wanted to pursue it and knew that this is what I wanted to do.

What type of music do you produce?

I mainly produce hip hop beats, specifically mainly trap beats. Also do Rnb beats, and a few west coast type beats once in a while.

What are the challenges of making a career as a producer?

Since I am still new and not well known, many times it is a struggle with people responding to DM’s and emails. So I guess it’s mainly getting started.

Who’s your favorite artist to collab with?

As far as artists go, my favorite is a rapper named “tn jay”. My favorite producer to work with is PoetiCS

Any major placements?

I only have a couple placements, but the main one is ,KJ 52, in which I co-produced his song “I GOT THIS”

Who is one artist you’d love to work with?

One of my favorite artists who I would love to work with is “Future”

What are your 2020 plans?

I plan to release as many singles as I possibly can. Keep making beats and trying to get as many placements as possible while also building relationships.

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