Business Meeting Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Planning a corporate meeting or conference can often be full of uncertainties and not always moving in the right direction. It can be challenging for both beginners and professional planners because the person responsible for planning the meeting may not have an understanding of the overall objectives of the meeting and the group of managers, employees or clients for whom the meeting is being organized.

In order to make things easier for you, we have listed some business meeting planning mistakes down in this article that you need to avoid at any cost for making your meetings productive and effective.

Not planning ahead of Time

Proper planning is the key to success when it comes to planning a business meeting. Rushing out to plan a corporate meeting can end up with lots of uncertainties. Lack of planning not leads to an unfair waste of precious time, efforts, and resources but can also make the meeting ineffective. That is the reason, plan your meeting agenda properly ahead of time and consider all the meeting essentials. Book the venue, ahead of time, check for all the required services and let the expected attendees know about the meeting as well.

Selecting the Wrong Type of Venue

Selecting an unsuitable meeting space is one of the common business meeting planning mistakes. Most of the corporate events and meetings require a flexible space. For example, business meetings with high levels of social interactions or networking need conducive meeting space where people can easily connect and interact. And if the venue is not flexible, it will break the attendees into groups or cause sideline discussions. That is the reason, always consider the objective of the meeting, number of attendees and other meeting requirements when looking for a perfect meeting venue. not only focus on the main meeting rooms, but also check for the other needs and requirements like lodging service, transportation, and refreshment, etc. Also, inform the meeting space providers for last-minute changes if any so you can get things in your favor.

Not Inviting the Right People

When you invite people, who are totally unaware of the topics to be discussed in the meeting, they will take the meeting as a total waste of time and wouldn’t engage much in the meeting. So, try to invite people who are about to directly affected by the topics to be discussed in order to keep them engaged. Also, ask the attendees to put forward their points and opinions regarding the topics mentioned on the agenda. It will increase the positive engagement to help you reach meeting objectives effectively.

Not Sticking with the Schedule

Time is money and flies quickly too. That’s why make sure to stick with the meeting schedule or agenda in order to accomplish a productive meeting without going out of the way. Clearly define the start and end time for each topic or subject to be discussed during the meeting and ask the attendees to be punctual. If a conversation on a specific topic is going on, hold it for the next meeting and start the other topic in the agenda without getting late. You can also give a 5-minute warning to the attendees to help them close on time.

Not using the right Technology

Thanks to the latest technology like PowerPoint, screen sharing and projectors, as they have made the business meeting more effective. But all the recently mentioned meeting solutions are not always perfect for different meeting types. Technological blunders can create bigger meeting annoyances to distract attendees easily. For example, if you are using a video conference option to conduct the meeting effectively but the screen is shutting off often unexpectedly, you cannot expect the meeting attendees to stay focused anymore. That is the reason, always choose appropriate technological solutions to make sure your meeting goes smoothly.

Not Taking the Minutes

Keeping a record of what was discussed during the meeting is one of the key elements of successful meetings. It provides you with a written or recorded record of the meeting and can come in handy when you want to tell non-attendees about the meeting. That’s why ask someone to take meeting minutes and share the meeting minutes with all the attendees and other concerns through email as a follow-up.

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