What stops people from using CBD?

Australians can now buy CBD oil over the counter in pharmacies and Australia joins a growing list of nations and states appreciative of the health benefits of this naturally-produced substance.

Much has been written about High CBD strains potential advantages in managing pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, and inflammation. You can also find research into CBD’s application for IBS, Muscular Sclerosis, acne, heart conditions and Parkinson’s Disease, to name but a few!

Even the NHS prescribes CBD products to combat such things as severe epilepsy and nausea during cancer treatments.

Perhaps the most interesting question is, why don’t more people use CBD?

This article looks at the obvious myths and misunderstandings, as well as the quality issues when using the wrong product.

CBD and cannabis:

CBD has beneficial for many medical conditions let’s get the big stumbling block out of the way. There’s still a lingering misconception that CBD is a disguised form of cannabis, weed, hash, marijuana or whatever you want to call it. Conscientious producers of quality CBD products are working hard to combat this, with solid education and information.

It amounts to this. Though both substances come from species of cannabis/hemp plants, their aims and properties are different. If you wonder ‘Is CBD a psychoactive substance?’ then you might as well avoid hemp cloth and paper too.

CBD you can widely buy topical cbd in uk and benefit from has only small traces of the chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol, or none at all. Without THC, it provides health advantages and has no mind-altering effects.

Fringe producers:

Perhaps concern about its link to recreational drugs is also why producing CBD oil is sometimes mistakenly seen as a clandestine and fringe activity.

In fact, leading producers of quality CBD oil products take their (often global) business operations and their reputation as growers and manufacturers very seriously, including cultivating species of cannabis plants with proven abilities to produce via organic methods.

They are not only legitimate, but they are also deeply ethical and sustainable.

Does CBD oil work?

Another obstacle to using CBD oil to treat what ails you could be anecdotal ‘evidence’. Social media can be a wonderful place to research purchasing decisions and behaviours that can improve your health. However, social media can also be the wrong place to do that too! Use respected sources of information.

Also, people who find CBD oil ineffectual have often bought it from the plethora of retailers who have jumped on this sizeable bandwagon. They are basing their judgements on a weak, poor quality CBD product, possibly using little insight into how much CBD oil to take daily too.

The leading brands, produced by companies who are extremely customer-centric and focused on building their global reputation, offer CBD oil packed with the health-related properties, using a carrier oil that’s both balanced and safe. The strength of the CBD is also carefully measured, giving users abundant control over how much they use of this superior version.

Scientific evidence of CBD’s value

especially after the COVID-19 crisis, many people understandably want to follow the science. Lack of official verification by organisations like the USA’s Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) not only creates hesitancy, but it opens the door to less scrupulous providers as mentioned above.

Summarising all the research currently underway to explore the benefits of CBD oil would take hours. The fact that so many medical scientists and healthcare experts are channelling time and money into this shows how exciting the prospects are. They include some of the top research bodies connected to the biggest health issues of our times.

Many show promising results and report no (or negligible) side effects from CBD.

It’s not a quick fix:

Lastly, taking high-quality organic CBD, from an ethical producer, won’t make you feel instantly better!

Start low, keep track of how much you’re using, and take the occasional break if needed. It may still not bring all the results you want, but there is a good chance it will.

Increasing numbers of devoted CBD oil users feel it’s a chance well worth taking, as you have nothing to lose!

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