Joshua Kirshbaum – A Man you have never met before

Some people are born with some unique qualities in their personality. They know how to chase their dreams, and their determination makes them stronger. In these lines, we are discussing Joshua Krshbaum, who has been working from the little age of about ten years. Today, 30 years old Joshua Kirshbaum is the name of excellence because this world knows him as United Nations consultant, New York City Bar Accredited Mediator, conflict zone photographer, and indie producer. Possessing a talented personality, he is busy in different social and professional activities in the United Nations. All these activities are the prime reasons for his fame because he believes in serving others.

About early life

When we peep into his past, we find him working for local theatre companies at the very young age of about ten years. At the age of 14, he started his first photography business. At the age of 15, he sold his first business for more than four times his founding costs.

At the age of 18, he became the partner with local NYC student filmmakers and started up Æ Studios NYC. He has established a chain of innovative student-based film studios. These studios are found at the 16 location across the East coast by 2012. In 2011, by the age of 21, he continued working on ÆFocus Projects and created connection with major corporate sponsors with significant causes. In Ecuador, Joshua opened his first official communication office after consulting for Claro and Tinder to increase their philanthropic markets throughout Latin America for Youth activism.

Later on, he adopted a partnership with various international organizations. Afterwards, he opened a chain of philanthropic projects across South America from his community centre “Estudio Ecuador” and “La Casa De La Vida” that worked with critical local issues.

About his social works

Not only his professional life, has he focused on social issues as well. Joshua focused on community building, entrepreneurial training and gender rights. He worked for Social change. After selling the rights to the centers, the consultant spent coming few years in traveling in the global north, assisting out different businesses around the globe and as a photographer to consult gigs in volatile international areas. He helped people in building their brands and business and impact often from concept to launch. 

In early 2018, Joshua was warmly welcomed by Nonviolence International to be the youngest office head in the network. As an Executive Director of the New York office, the team started to expand consulting for national movements like wear orange & Black Lives Matter, March for our lives and the woman’s March. Today, he is running NonviolenceNY Network with his team. With four active programs and a large volunteer base programs spanning nonviolent action training, international disarmament advocacy, sustainable peace and youth leadership empowerment. He is busy with a variety of social and professional activities. Learn more about his current project at

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