What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Bewitched’

Marriage can be complicated. Especially when you are married to somebody with magical powers. Although, right now a little magic would feel nice. If I could be married to a woman who with the twitch of her nose could wipe out the coronavirus that would solve a lot of problems. Instead, I have to settle for recommending bingeing Bewitched.

You know the premise of Bewitched. Darren Stephens is just a regular guy, but then he marries Samantha, who happens to be a witch. Her family disapproves. Darren disapproves of his wife using her magic for some reason. I mean, the reason is so that we can have episode plots, but it’s not really justified within the show. It’s kind of frustrating logically, but that’s how sitcoms often work, especially back in the day. Magic-related hijinks ensue, and sometimes Paul Lynde shows up as Samantha’s Uncle Arthur.

Here’s the thing. I am recommending you watch Bewitched, but there is a lot of Bewitched I would recommend skipping. Like, almost all of it to be honest. The show ran for eight seasons. For the entire run, Elizabeth Montgomery kills it as Samantha. However, two different men played Darren. Dick York is the original Darren, and the only Darren that matters. Unfortunately, he had a serious back issue, which led to some other issues, which led to him having to leave the show. Dick Sargent took over as Darren for the final three seasons. You can skip those.

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Then there’s the matter of Gladys Kravitz. She’s the nosey neighbor who always notices Samantha doing something magical. Gladys tries to tell her husband Abner, who is dismissive, and when he finally takes a look the magical thing is gone. Alice Pearce played Gladys when the show began. She was great, and won an Emmy for it. She also had cancer before the show even debuted, and didn’t tell anybody. Pearce sadly died during the second season, and Sandra Gould took over. Honestly, I don’t really like Gould as Gladys. It doesn’t feel right.

So what I’m saying is that, personally, I’m only interested in the first two seasons of Bewitched. However, that’s still a lot of episodes of television. This was the ‘60s, mind you. The first season has 36 episodes and the second has 38. You could watch the first two seasons of Bewitched and see more episodes than the entire run of Veep. If you want to continue go for it. Maybe you’ll like Gould or Sargent. For me, though, I’m an early-period Bewitched man. Alice Pearce forever.

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