5 Things to Consider When Renovating a Kitchen on a Budget!

A kitchen remodel could either be a quick, or a very slow, tiring process. This chiefly depends upon your contractor and his team!

Additionally, if you have a strict budget and you don’t want to deviate from it, these 5 things are a must to consider along with an efficient contractor. This won’t just aid you in the long run, but you can actually have a lavish, state-of-the-art kitchen in no time! First of all, if you’re considering a kitchen renovation or remodel, the first step is to get a quote. Find out how much your kitchen renovations would cost in under two minutes on https://www.houseace.com.au/.

Install One Huge Window

One way through which you can actually cut down on electricity bills, is utilizing maximum natural light during the day. For this, one huge window in front of the sink would have its benefits in literal sense.

Noticeably, a single wide window would enhance the appearance of your kitchen, when greenery or your beautiful backyard is easily visible from inside!

A window won’t just help in eliminating the built-up moist air, but opening the window once a day would help your kitchen breathe. Consequently, less chances for mold to grow behind walls!


Kitchen renovation won’t show a remarkable change if the cabinets are left untouched! Being the most prominent part of your kitchen, if you want something budget-friendly you have many options for that too!

New cabinets typically would consume 30 to 50 percent of your entire budget. So, in order to bring some dazzle and positive energy in your kitchen, cabinets can either be replaced or you can always put a fresh coat of paint, but make sure you use a de-glosser and an oil-based bonding primer!

One of the picks could be RTA (Ready to Assemble) cabinets. Verily, these are more or less of the same quality as pre-assembled cabinets, but with the exception, that either you or your craftsman, put them together.

Plywood and particle board with melamine are other alternate cheaper solutions too, if you feel RTA is won’t look as trendy and sleek!

Wall Paint Versus Wallpaper

Moisture and moss resistant wall paint conspicuously take care of those walls, which are to be exposed with smoke and excessive moisture all the time!

Wallpaper on the other hand, is way cost-friendly as it involves less labor. Significantly, did you know that wallpapers happen to have a longer life-span? So, basically this mean the costs even out over time.

Also, if you don’t want to choose paint entirely, use a combination of wallpaper along with paint, as this too covers the longevity factor!

Since wallpaper has the tendency to peel away from the walls in humid surroundings, its always a good thought to add a tiled splash-back above the sink, to safeguard that area from any splashes.

Flooring Ideas

If you’re a die-hard fan of wood flooring, it’s time to get it! Wooden floor doesn’t necessarily always have to be genuine and the expensive type in wood. Many alternatives can give the same classic and traditional look!

Kitchen flooring is something which should be DIY-friendly, so that you can cut down on costs here and there!

Vinyl is the easiest to install and closest flooring material to wood. So, if your subfloor is in good shape, vinyl is also the cheapest option which one can install right on their existing flooring. This, in turn helps you in avoiding the expense of new underlayment. Moreover, the most inexpensive and convenient type of vinyl are the peel-and-stick tile, followed by the peel-and-stick planks.

Laminate flooring, in comparison has a rightful place amongst the affordable kitchen flooring options! Though the hard resin surfaces of the planks are pretty much scratch and stain-resistant for a busy kitchen, yet the seams between planks can easily be affected by water.

Installing a laminate floating floor is an astute choice, if you really want to bring out the look of real hardwood!

Cut Those Corners, Literally

Backsplash, happens to be technically functional in keeping oil and food off the walls, behind the stove. But frankly, as you’re remodeling your kitchen, the backsplash is certainly the style leader!

Though it can be a cost driver in most projects, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be if you have properly planned everything out! So, rather than turning those corners with backsplash, and carrying it throughout kitchen wall, a great idea is to finish the tile where the walls meets! Here, you’re utilizing the tiles where it’s most functionally and visually essential.

Now, why not budget for some really unique and mind-blowing tile designing, in the lifeless area behind that sink or stove!

Author: When it comes to express the ideas based on Home Renovation, Sarah have the highest experience and wanted you all to learn what’s new in the market. Stay tuned for her latest post to grab the chunk of useful information.

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  1. That was a fantastic tip to use vinyl as a substitute for wood flooring when you’re going through a budget kitchen remodeling. I’ve been trying to get ready to sell my house in 3 months and wanted my kitchen to look great! Maybe I should have an expert help me with a nice faux wood vinyl flooring.

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