How to Buy used Car from Official Dealer?

Should I overpay by purchasing a used car from an official dealer? Car buyers are different, some of them choose to take a risk, while some refuse buying any vehicle without a dealer. Anyway, even purchasing officially, buyers might not get what they want. And if drivers didn’t own any vehicles previously, they might get into trouble having no idea about 5 basic rules of selecting a car with the help of official dealer.

4 Rules of Buying a used Car

No matter whether one gets his vehicle from official dealer or an unknown seller – they all want to get as much as possible from the deal. If buyers don’t want to overpay – they should ensure their choice is impartial. The best way to do that is obeying 4 simple principles:

  1. Ask yourself, do you have sufficient amount of information about this vehicle: Although dealers are obliged to provide all information about this vehicle, one may not have time to read long lists of technical documentation. It is much better getting a quick report from and checking its history so as to know all red flags, accidents, and ownership history of this vehicle;

  2. Ask experienced drivers for advice: If you don’t need a vehicle urgently – don’t rush into buying it from the first seller. Invest an hour or two of your time to receive a piece of advice from your relatives or friends who already have it. Also, make sure you know all legal information before buying used car – buyers should know their rights in order to receive their money back if something goes wrong;

  3. Ask yourself, which vehicle you want to own. If you don’t plan your purchase from the very start – dealers might use that and sell what they want. Remember that they are much more experienced than average drivers and they have no interest in holding it in a superstore for a while. If you don’t find the car which you want – go to another dealer and double-check if you think that the option offered by dealer is good enough;

  4. Pay attention to the guarantee offered by dealer: Not all guarantees are the same, some promise to return the full amount in case of your disappointment, some offer free repairs during the first year of ownership. Pay close attention to that as you cannot require what you didn’t accept. Anyway, if you buy from an official dealer, it has no interest in deceiving you.

Used Car

The fifth Principle: Don’t Expect an Ideal Car

If buyers want a brand new vehicle – they should visit official dealers of Audi or Ford concentrating on new cars. If one buys a used car – he should prepare that it will have some disadvantages. And the lower the offered price – the more of them one will find. Don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t succeed in your dream of buying a new car, you still pay lower than you might have paid. But if buyers still think that they pay much higher than the fair price – they can negotiate or think it is better to leave the dealer’s office.

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