CD REVIEW: Blue Room by Jonathan Cavier

I may be the only person who feels this way, but I can hear a lot of progressive rock on this album. No, not every song has prog rock tendencies, but a lot of it does. Mind you, running a prog rock website (and particularly one that tries to challenge the limits of what is and is not progressive rock) means that I probably listen more for those kinds of things. Still, this set does have them to my ears.

The title track leads the album out, and percussion starts the tune. It works to an arrangement that is almost prog rock like. It’s a driving kind of tune with a mainstream rock and pop vibe at the top of this mix.

There is a percussive element starting “When You Come Around,” too, but it’s more world music like. The cut grows out from there with a mellower, rather lush arrangement. This is another with hints of progressive rock in the mix.

I don’t really hear any prog on “Hollywood.” That said, It is one of the highlights of the set. It has a lot of energy. The song starts in one place and grows organically as it builds.

While “Phoenix” is another song that doesn’t seem to have any real prog in the mix, it really rocks. It drives with some great guitar sounds. It’s a strong piece to me. I dig the melodic guitar solo, too.

Wow! The mellower tune titled “Far Away” really brings the prog rock back into play. The picked guitar sound makes me think of some of the mellower sounds of early King Crimson a bit. The arrangement is lush, and the piece really works well.

Another with some progressive music elements on show, “I Believe” is a powerful piece. I love the acoustic guitar soloing on this song. It really brings a lot to the number.

“Somebody Like You” is the kind of thing that takes a few spins to really grab the listener. That’s because it’s more complex than a lot of the music here. This one is definitely prog rock, too. In fact, it has a lot of space rock built into it. It’s one of my favorites here because of those aspects.

I don’t know. I might be programmed to look for the prog in everything. I definitely hear some on “Right Place.” The tune is another that’s sort of mid-tempo. It isn’t as mellow as some of the others. It has an active percussion sound and some great soaring moments.

“Someday” is not a bad song. It has a decent energy. I like the acoustic guitar soloing on it quite a bit, particularly the bits of harmonics. The tune just doesn’t really grab me.

Well, when it comes to prog rock elements, “Edge of Singularity” really steals the show. It’s an instrumental with a more rocking sound. It has some cool changes and exceptional instrumental work. It’s one of my favorites and a great closer.

This set is kind of a mixed bag. There are some exceptional strong songs. There are a number of pieces that are just sort of mediocre. The production seems a little lacking at times, too. Still, this really does show a lot of promise. Those production issues aren’t enough of a thing to really make it unpleasant either.


by G. W. Hill

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