Eric Bogosian Tapped to Play the Interviewer in AMC’s Upcoming “Interview with the Vampire” Series

In the latter half of 1993, Oscar nominated actor River Phoenix (Stand By Me, My Own Private Idaho, Dogfight) was announced as having been cast as the interviewer in the Warner Bros. adaptation of author Anne Rice’s horror novel Interview with the Vampire. Phoenix was set to join a star-studded cast which included the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas and, although a small-ish part, it was considered by most armchair Hollywood pundits as yet another stepping stone for the 23 year old actor whose star was very much on the rise. “It’s good they cast me as the interviewer in the sense that I can be pessimistic,” an analytical Phoenix explained to Premiere Magazine. “It’s weird when you see erotic stuff back-to-back with blood and stuff. I’m sure in the realm of vampires, it’s very sexy.”

Alas, Phoenix’s involvement ‘twas not to be: The young actor’s bright light was snuffed out in the early morning hours of October 31, 1993 when he was felled by a drug overdose, the details of which to this day remains an open mystery. The role of interviewer Daniel Molloy in Interview with the Vampire would wind up with Christian Slater (after some last minute jostling between also-rans Stephen Dorff and a very young Leonardo DiCaprio), who delivered a wholly serviceable performance under some extremely trying circumstances.

 That critical lynchpin of a role in Rice’s novel has now seen a 2022 casting variation in the form of respected playwright and actor Eric Bogosian (Talk Radio, Succession) who will now assume the mantle of the third actor in the history of that franchise to be cast as Daniel Molloy for the upcoming AMC series Interview with the Vampire, according to our good pals over at Bloody Disgusting News.

For those that haven’t been keeping up, AMC recently acquired a huge amount of the late Anne Rice’s book catalog and the stalwart company is setting out to do what Warner’s failed to capitalize on after the successful 1994 box-office run of their Interview with the Vampire: Develop the author’s entire “Vampire Chronicles” as one vast and epic series.

 The twist in the casting of Bogosian –who, by the way, is a tremendous talent with chops to spare –is the age thing: Rice wrote the character of her interviewer as younger, more inexperienced. Naturally, Warner’s went in that direction with their casting of Phoenix and then Slater. Bogosian is 68 years old and those years he’s lived obviously adds another dimension altogether in the character of Molloy. Variety reports that the AMC character description reveals that “Molloy is described as an investigative journalist nearing the end of his career who’s given a second chance at the interview of a lifetime.”

Phoenix, Slater, Bogosian: Three talented thespians who belong to an exclusive club, indeed.

We’ll see how the whole thing shakes out when AMC and AMC+ unearth their rendition of Interview with the Vampire later in 2022.

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