House Edge vs Slots RTP: are they the same?

Over the years, house edge and RTP concepts look much more confusing to players, most especially to beginners. Still, the interesting thing is that both are very important parameters for every online casino game such as ted slots. That is why we shall be discussing the difference between the two concepts.

House Edge

The house edge, also referred to as house advantage, is an assurance of the casino emerging as the winner. This is not rigging, which makes the player lose everything. It is the way the game system is programmed. It is programmed so that the house has more chances of winning.

Don’t be marvelled; a casino is designed in such a way that it has an in-built advantage that makes the probabilities of winning to be set in their favour. This in-built design is what is categorized and referred to as HE (House Edge)

The major advantage of house edge is that it determines the amount of money a casino is expected to make on each player and its advantage over each player.

Return to player (RTP)

This is the statistical computation of the total amount on a game that will return to a player over a while. The amount you bet with determines the percentage of the money won. In other words, it is the return that the casino gives to the player after the game.

The higher the RTP is, the greater the cash-out. For instance, a slot with 97% RTP will be calculated per £1, that is, if you wager £98 per £100. You will lose 2% of the amount you stake on, and the 2% goes to the house edge. That is why it is profitable to go for a high RTP because it gives you more returns than a lower RTP.

Variation between the house edge and RTP

House edge and RTP are more like two sides of a coin, and understanding them will make you a better player. The striking difference between them is how they are being calculated. They are calculated in percentage, and there is always a computer software backing that determines the chances of winning at a certain percentage level.

For instance, if you want to calculate your profit in a roulette game and the house edge is about 5%, you stake on, the casino will make the profit of £5 for every £100 that is spent at the casino. However, the profit to the player will be £95 per £100 spent at the casino.


Summarily, house edge tells us the average profit that goes to the casino per bet, and it also shows the expected loss. And on the other side, the returns to player percentage indicate the total amount paid to the player that wins.

The best tip you can get to know about the RTP slot is that the higher the RTP, the greater the profit you get as a return on the game you play.

However, slot games are controlled by RNG, and there is a guarantee of more prosperous sessions. Just be more dedicated and patient with your favourite slot. It can only get better.

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