Tricks On How To Pump On A Skateboard [101 Introduction]

A Tony Hawk or Bam Margera fan would know, it takes multiple efforts and faulty tries to get skateboarding tricks right.

In this article, we try to effectively summarize how you can grab your dream of performing a perfect pump. The art of having propelled speed without ever having to put your feet down is equivalent to flying.

It’s a feeling that most of us crave, but only some get to execute. Would you like to be one of them too?

Keep reading to know more in-depth about this cool trick!

What is Pumping?

Simply, it’s a form of propelling on your skateboard. It’s a blend of physics, ergonomics, body weight, and synchronized maneuvering. It takes practice and efficient reflex in order to endure the topsy-turvy curves on the ramp gracefully. In other words, it’s a form of cruising but with reliability on gravity and your expertise level.

While pumping on a skateboard, you initially gain speed by lifting up the front wheels off the ground, ever so slightly and swinging that ‘hovered’ part of the board left and right.

The Placing:

  • Place your dominant foot at an angle right above the front wheels.
  • Place your back foot on top of the skateboard at a perimeter that’s a little behind the back wheels.
  • However, for beginners, we recommend placing your back foot on the board at an angle which is precisely above the two back wheels. (This is advised as, initially, you will have trouble fixing your posture and playing with the rules of gravity. Placing your back foot on top of the back wheels ensures stability. As you grow and get used to this maneuver, try the technique explained above.)

Things To Keep In Check:

  • Keep your knees relaxed and adaptable with each transition.
  • Keeping your knees bent is a great way to ‘pump’ into action without hurting your feet.
  • Time your ride. With increasing time, it will mean your speed is increasing, which is great. This also means you’re getting most of the speed possible with each transition.
  • You must shift your weight as you come up or down the ramp.

The Process:

  • Start with your knees bent as you approach your ramp wall.
  • Extend your legs entirely only after you reach the apex.
  • Bend your knees as you start to descend.
  • Shift your weight to your downward foot as you descend.
  • Straighten your legs again once you pass the curve on the ramp.
  • These leg tricks will eventually let you gain more speed through the transition.
  • Always stay at the center of your board in order to maintain stability and ensure your desired speed.


And there you go!

What’s your next most-liked trick? Would you dare to learn them, as you did with this one?

Well, with motivation, adaptability, practice, and the best skateboard brands, you can never lag behind. Learning how to pump on a skateboard is essentially one of the most basic yet tricky maneuvers you can learn. But, unlike a lot of tricks, pumping comes from a physicist’s point of view, where it is an output of work and energy. That’s a lot of intellectual words, I know.

But hold on, if easily put – crouch your way down the ramp and uncrouch while descending. It really is that simple!

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