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As we all know, Saeed Dashti and Marsha Lazareva were found guilty. They stole the funds at the time they were employed in KGL company. The saddest thing is that they stole the military funds. Therefore, they were arrested in Kuwait. Dash has been arrested for 15 years and Lazareva has been arrested for 10 years. The well-named people from America and Russia are striving hard to secure this Russian woman. They are misleading people. They are providing misleading media coverage. They want to show that she is a victim of sexism which is false news. This is the game against the Kuwaiti Government. They are protecting her in the wrong way. They organized false protests to secure her. Because of their campaigns, both of them were released from jail in Mar 2019. But then they were arrested again in November 2019. 


Cherie Blair, the wife of the British Prime Minister, gave a statement against Kuwaiti courts. In that statement, she proved that her arrest was unfair. She also claimed that separating her from her 4-year old son is unjust. She tried to compel Kuwaiti courts to review the case of Lazareva. She fights for women’s rights. And still, she is striving hard to protect her from Kuwaiti courts.

Moreover, many public figures want Lazareva freed from jail. Such as Neil Bush, the son of U.S President George Bush, and Louis Freeh, the director of FBI, are striving hard to save her from jail. Their purpose is to deliver fake media coverage. They want to tell people that Kuwait is treating her badly. And this is against human rights. They are using her son as a weapon. They are blackmailing Kuwaiti courts by saying this again and again that her son is only 4 years old. And they both can’t live without each other. 

Toufic Baaklini is the President of an NGO. He published a thrilling article in which he claimed that she suffered many issues regarding her religion. Kuwaiti courts are teasing her because she is a Christian. She is supposed to wear a gown that is not acceptable. Because she is not a Muslim. He said that they are treating her badly just because she is a Christian businesswoman. And he also said that soon she will be released from Kuwait because she is right. And Kuwait is putting allegations because she is not a Muslim.

In the powerful countries, all the public figures are running campaigns to support Lazareva. The KGL company spent a massive amount on writers, bloggers, and anchors. So that they will generate the content in her support. In this way, the public will start supporting her. Because the whole of their content is sympathetic. Moreover, they are arranging crowds for protests. And soon you will see people having banners in support of Lazareva in their hands on roads. But in actuality, she is not a right woman and Kuwait suffered from severe financial loss due to her.

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