Essential Motorcycling Safety Tips

Motorcycles can be lots of fun to ride on Ilinois’s roads when the weather is nice. However, it’s important to make sure that you are adhering to common safety tips on the road since motorcycle accidents are common and can be quite tragic and often results in serious physical injuries, make sure you got a legal defense who can help you with settlements and compensation in any case of an accident, check RCK Law Firm online for personal injury experts.

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents include driving under the influence, swerving lanes, running into car doors, taking risky left hand turns when there’s oncoming traffic, and speeding.

The following are motorcycle safety tips to follow every time you get on your bike to avoid these accidents and stay safe.

1. Always wear a helmet and an eye shield.

Even the most experienced motorcycle riders need to wear helmets – even if they’re just going around the corner to the store. In a recent motorcycle fact sheet, it was reported that over 40% of the motorcyclists who died in 2016 were not wearing helmets, and that if they had been, 802 lives could have been saved. Make sure to wear one and never take the risk, and make sure to have an extra if you bring a passenger on the back of your motorcycle. If you get into an accident and do not have helmet protection, the chances of surviving the crash dwindle significantly.

An eye shield is another protective safety measure that is important to wear at all times, – especially when on the freeway. If a piece of debris or stone comes whizzing through the air and hits your face or eyes at 65mph or faster, it can be quite traumatizing to your eye and skin. Injuries like this are painful and sudden and often cause the motorcyclist to crash because of the surprise. Eye shields are often goggles that stay close to your face so that they don’t fly off when driving at high speeds.

2. Go the speed limit.

It can be fun to go fast on a motorcycle, but speed limits are imposed for a reason. Going too fast on a motorcycle can cause an accident if a car ahead of you stops too quickly, or if you can’t brake in time for a red light, an intersection, or another obstacle. There is a significant danger posed to yourself and others when you drive faster than the speed limit. The faster you need to brake, the more likely it is that your bike will topple over the front wheel because of the force from very high speeds.

3. Be a defensive driver.

Remember that while you can see cars, it is far harder for a car driver to see you. Since motorcycles are smaller, they’re more likely to be in a car’s blind spot. The blind spots for a motorcyclist are far larger because of their small sizes. So, rather than trusting that a car can see you when you’re changing lanes or taking turns, drive defensively. Give them plenty of room and make sure they see you. Always have your lights on at night to make sure you’re visible on darker roads, and stay far away from other cars when it’s possible.

4. Wear the right clothing.

Just as flying debris can damage your face or eyes, any part of your skin that’s left vulnerable to the elements can endure the same trauma. It’s important to wear boots, leather clothing, and gloves. These layers will protect your skin and are therefore necessary. Additionally, since the most common injury sustained in a motorcycle crash or accident is road rash, wearing leather and covering your skin may help curb the severity of the rash.

5. Do not weave in and out of traffic.

Even when traffic is particularly terrible, resist the urge to weave in and out of lanes and around cars. Just because you can doesn’t mean it is safe to. Not all cars can see you, and traffic can stop and start at a moment’s notice. Actually, this weaving also raises the chance of road rage. If you weave around a vehicle driven by an individual who is angry, you may find yourself in a road rage situation. As the motorcyclist, you are always the most vulnerable in these dangerous scenarios.

6. Check the motorcycle’s maintenance.

It’s also important to make sure your motorcycle is ready to drive without any problems before any ride. Make sure the tires have plenty of air, and also be sure to check the levels of the hydraulant and coolant fluids. It can be quite dangerous if a motorcycle experiences sudden mechanical problems while on the road, and it’s also best to check it out before you’re stranded on the side of a busy highway. Make sure to also frequently check for any gas or oil leaks underneath the motorcycle, and test the headlights so you know you’ll be visible and safe when driving at night. Adjust your mirrors, especially if someone else drives your motorcycle, too. Making sure you can see everything that happens around you on the road is crucial.

7. Start slow.

Learning to ride a motorcycle takes time and patience. Even if you’re excited to hit the open road, make sure you’ve mastered driving it before you go onto a major road or a highway. This can be very intimidating, and once speeds get higher and higher, it becomes harder to control the motorcycle if you don’t yet have enough experience. Even if you’ve driven at fast paces on empty roads, having other cars on the road with you creates an entirely new experience with unique challenges. Make sure not to let anyone on the back of your motorcycle until you have significant experience, too.

8. Always be awake and sober.

Being alert on the road is imperative, especially when driving at high speeds with other cars on the road. If you are feeling drowsy and tired, call a taxi, or find another way home. If you have been drinking and know that you are above the legal limit of two drinks, find another way home. Driving while impaired is negligent driving and presents a serious danger to everyone else on the road and yourself. Be smart, responsible, and alert at all



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About MyitSolutions

Myitsolutions a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

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