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Interview: Johnny Valentine

Hi Johhny! How are you? I’m doing well! How about yourself? When/How did you start/get into making music? I’m glad you asked. I started making music roughly 6 months ago! I came from NY on a two week trip to visit my friends and ended up staying for much longer …

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Interview: Witnez

Hi Witnez! How are you? I’m doing great. I’m just working as hard as I can with the new material that I’ve been creating. Trying to make a plan on what’s next for my music. I’ve been working on an EP and I’m really perfecting it as much as I …

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Interview: Tuesday Knight

Hi Tuesday Knight! How are you? I’m doing good. Still alive, can’t complain. What is your greatest inspiration for your music? My greatest inspiration for my music is being a positive role model for everyone who may come after me, including my daughter. I want young kids to see you …

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