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Northern Cali native $tovey releases new single “Pronto”

East of San Francisco and Oakland, beyond Mount Diablo, right on the San Joaquin River, is Pittsburg, CA. It’s very much part of the Bay Area, but it’s sufficiently distinct  from its Northern California  brethren to have cultivated a personality of its own. Pittsburg is a straightforward and unpretentious place. …

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Indie Nation’s Mischa drops fiery new single “G2G”

At first glance, Mischa might not look combative. The minute she starts to rap, though, she leaves no doubt about her ferocity, her tenacity, her fleetness, and the quickness of her thinking. “G2G” is the latest in a flurry of releases by the Canadian rapper, including the sassy “Woke Up,” …

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Young Indie Rapper DICI drops his boldest single yet “Flip”

While most high school students are still figuring out their path in life, indie rap artist DICI is on the road to becoming a hit-making machine. At just 18 years old, the creative visionary has been producing sonic textures, freestyle rhymes, and bass bumping beats throughout quarantine, consistently elevating his …

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