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Florence Dure’s Jump To International Stardom

Florence Dure

Florence Dure quickly captured a core audience after she dropped her debut song, “Site Non’m.” One would say that the Haitian sensation became an overnight success. Despite the optics, Florence has built momentum through her work ethic. After performing for a packed house of 15,000 attendees in Chile, she has …

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John Jay is More Than A Musician

John Jay

John Jay motivates the young artist by finding an audience for them, something they did not have, after which their talent speaks for themselves. Musicians have grown in their quality and lyrical content. For an artist that has motivated the youngest artist in Miami, John Jay has been rewarded by a fan base and growth in the music industry. The secret, he admits, is patience, resilience, and hard work when things get tough.

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Interview with Purple Miami

Hi Purple Miami! How are you? Doing well! Where are you from? Miami, Florida What is your greatest inspiration for your music? I would say the American DJ Diplo. What are 3 words that describe your music? Energetic, free, and insightful. What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about? …

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