KOTH Releases New Music Video For “My Time”

It takes a certain kind of artist to consecutively release music with creative visuals, head nodding production and lyrics that keep the listeners rewinding  back for metaphors, double entendres, and endless slick talk. That person can deliver fresh content on social media and effortlessly define his brand in each new …

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Proper Einstein Releases New Music Video For “Like This”

Seek out that which inspires you. Never mind the artform, genre, or generation – embrace it all. That’s the true artist’s path, and it’s the path that’s gotten Proper Einstein where he is today. He’s created a singular musical output built upon a foundation that stretches far and wide across …

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Tyson onBEATS Releases New Music Video For “BLVK Mirror”

In the incisive second verse to “BLVK Mirror,” Bay Area rapper and author Tyson Amir asks us whether we’ve become completely unmoored by social media’s unforgiving demands. He pairs his flow with the the power of Fanatik onBEATS’ production and questions, do we only understand ourselves through likes and shares …

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