News – Vents Magazine Music and Entertainment Magazine Sun, 16 Feb 2020 21:13:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Ignescent Release New Music Video For “Into The Night” Sun, 16 Feb 2020 21:13:58 +0000 It’s normal to see all-male rock bands that bring intensity and power to the scene, but Chicago’s female-fronted Ignescent bears the fury, magnitude, and passion of any all-male group and relinquishes it in an authentic and emancipating burst. Their timeline began in 2008 when vocalist Jennifer Benson, lead guitarist Deven Elion, drummer Chris Calix, rhythm guitarist Joey Sepulveda, and bass guitarist Ian Sebastian united. Throughout the years, they’ve released singles and EPs, opened for Flyleaf and Stryper, and played the infamous Rock Fest in Wisconsin and Vans Warped Tour.

Ignescent is more than just a rock band; they are real people with a combination of great stories. Their main goal as a collective is to entertain and relate while putting on an impressive live show. Paramore and Evanescence are major muses in Ignescent’s sound, but they merge rock and pop to create their own style.

Fans find themselves in the plot of a horror film in the music video for “Into The Night. Benson is locked inside a barn while a masked murderer next door is sharpening his ax preparing for his finale. While the band rocks out in the woods, it’s revealed that the mask has vices, mental illnesses, and diseases penned throughout the cover, hinting that these are the reasons why Benson sings, “For years I cried myself to sleep / The hurt is all I breathe.” She manages to escape and takes the masked criminal out with a log. She flees to find safety and is fortunate to come across a car where the passengers take her in.

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2Dee Releases New Music Video For “Say Less” Sun, 16 Feb 2020 21:12:21 +0000 Music takes its shape in many forms. Sometimes as the background noise to your busy life. Sometimes as the escape from your rugged routine. For 2Dee, rap music was his outlet while growing up to keep him distracted from the rough patches of the Newark streets. He was born in Haiti and came to New Jersey when he was three, eventually established a mutual music connection with a few guys, and began Wyld Stylaz.

After years of success with the rap group and working with Mozzy, Zoey Dollaz, and French Montana., things began to fall apart due to legal issues some members found themselves in. 2Dee decided to embark on a solo project to focus on his own growth. He is a self-made artist, teaching himself how to mix, master, produce, and to play the guitar and piano. Now, he does it all himself with a few trusted people which includes his brother and producer (Xclusive). 2Dee finds inspiration in artists that worked their way up independently like Yo Gotti, Jay Z and Tech N9ne.

“Say Less” brings the audience to the forefront of the current political landscape in America, where the divide between law enforcement and urban/immigrant communities continues to worsen. The music video begins with a police officer demanding Xclusive’s (2Dee’s brother) information after pulling him over with no explanation. Suddenly, a gunshot breaks the silence, and the cop tries to get a grip, dazed and confused, of what he just heard. Yet every time he asks for help, he is faced with a beaten and battered person of color, covering their mouths with their national flag.

The victims are a jab at police brutality, which heavily targets minorities. The cop comes out of his manic illusion after being forced to come face to face with wounded black prisoners and lets Xclusive (2Dee’s brother) go after imagining one last injury on his face. The hallucination represents the all-too-familiar ending for many victims of police brutality, who have learned to mind their business and keep hustling despite the irreversible physical and mental damage they receive from the people that are supposed to be protecting them.

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Raylon Releases New Music Video For “Over You” Sun, 16 Feb 2020 21:10:42 +0000 Texas native Raylon is a self-made artist, one who juggles academics, track and field triumphs, and studio sessions that craft his approach to music. Although he has a soft spot for country music, Raylon hones in on an R&B/harmony rap style influenced by respected figures like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Usher. Despite spending the majority of his time producing and writing music, he also dominates his school’s track and field team and loves to dance. Raylon is still up-and-coming but has mapped out his music career; he plans on releasing more music and jumping into the touring realm.

One of Raylon’s main goals is to expand his audience base, and the music video for “Over You” does exactly that. With his charismatic smile and most fashionable streetwear apparel, Raylon reminisces about a love that was once everything but is gone now – the type of love that, no matter the reason, you just can’t move on from. The sun is beginning to set, and Raylon bounces between the studio and a glowing neighborhood, serenading to the camera about the love you never truly forget.

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Disq Unveil Double Video For “Loneliness” and “Daily Routine” Sun, 16 Feb 2020 21:08:51 +0000 Disq’s debut album, due out in March, is a collection of little triumphs that feel like the moment the driver tells shotgun to grab the wheel and switch places without letting up off the gas. There are no promises here – it could go either way – but when everyone settles back in, it seemed like the smartest thing to do. The shambolic power pop 5-piece from Madison, Wisconsin, barely keep their fuzzy guitars and bashing drums together throughout the Collector LP. Safe inside the buzz- and music biz-free oasis of Madison, they’ve been left alone to explore rock sonics and tinker with genres, and it’s totally paid off. And not just for us. Omaha’s Saddle Creek, home of Hop Along, Bright Eyes, Big Thief, The Faint, Black Belt Eagle Scout and more, just added Disq to their now-legendary roster.

Kicking “Loneliness” off wistfully strummed and clean, Isaac DeBroux-Slone sings “Things to do /I’m not allowed / Got a brand new feelin’ now.” His low-key, disaffected lines ride effortless melodies that signal loud and clear that when bassist Raina Bock, drummer Brendan Manley, and 2nd and 3rd guitarists Logan Severson and Shannon Connor join in, things are going to get loud and loose. Sure enough, the droning, macabre acoustic intro gives way to a good time rollicker. It feels like it fell right into place the very first time they ran it in the practice space. The track jumps from the speakers with all the messy rawness it had when the chords were first strung together.

DeBroux-Slone, six-string on his back, heads to a show on a snowmobile (as one does), helmet on. He meets up with his crew, and the band takes the floor-level stage at a cozy bar crammed with old folks. This crowd’s not having it, but who cares? – certainly not the band, who are having a blast banging it out for anyone within earshot. Just as Disq gets to the rocking part, with the harmonies and the volume pedals, the barkeep cuts the breaker. But the band plays on, and he only manages to flip a switch in the audience, who instantly acquire great taste in music. It’s an “us-against-the-world-oh-wait-the-world-likes-us-too” scenario that rings absolutely true as a retelling of how this band probably began.

In the clip for the album opener “Daily Routine, the band play themselves in a basic cable TV show – but is it a sitcom or a dark crime drama? The band doesn’t seem to know, but that seems to be Disq’s M.O. as music makers too. The opening credits roll as DeBroux-Slone lets out a tuneful groan, soon to be backed by woozy guitars before the whole band crashes in like a panic attack. If the video is to be believed, “The Daily Routine Show” will enjoy six seasons, which bodes well for those of us already in love with Disq’s slashing guitars and off-kilter, only kinda apathetic melodicism. Spoiler alert: they die gruesome deaths at the hands of demonic spirits, but hey, it was pretty kickass while it lasted, right?

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NICKI KNIGHTZ PROVIDES AN INSIGHT INTO HER NIGERIAN LINEAGE WITH VISUALS FOR ‘BLACKER THE BERRY’ Sun, 16 Feb 2020 20:58:18 +0000 Nicki Knightz is a rapper from Hackney, part of the seminal duo The Knighthood Society alongside producer/rapper Henny Knightz. Having released her debut Hate EP in late 2018, the young artist returns with Blacker the Berry the first release from her forthcoming EP, For the Uninformed.

The track is an unconvoluted tribute to her Nigerian father and his work ethic. The video plays on the typical African Uncle, unrestrained and at ease, but eternally the master of his own affairs. Fiercely independent and possessing deep contempt for the police, Uncle is played by none other than Top Boy’s Alessandro Babalola.


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updog reveals gritty electro-rock “dying breath” Sun, 16 Feb 2020 16:27:09 +0000 updog exhales his inner demons to the sound of his latest gritty single “dying breath”. Mastering his tantalizing fusion of rock and electronic once more, the single stands out as his most powerful and epic sounding track to date. With its heavy hitting bass hook and dark undertones (reminiscent of his most popular single “goodbye”) we get the impression the artist is building up for something big. In line with his artistic concept of acknowledging his own flaws and insecurities, updog explains the meaning behind the track:

“This song encompasses a pretty big self realization I’ve had over the years after being dumped multiple times by multiple women in my life and having seen multiple friendships end. It’s very easy to play the blame game and make yourself the victim who did nothing wrong. However the more and more you reflect, you realize there was a reason behind that, and most of the time that reason is because you were equally at fault. Thing is, although you know that, you probably will never let the other person know, because your ‘worst self’ and your ego would rather just take that to the grave in order to protect your pride.”


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RIOTRON Premiering Lyric Video for Latest Single “There For You” Sun, 16 Feb 2020 15:29:37 +0000 Riotron a.k.a Electro indie-pop artist Jeff Fettes has debuted a new lyric video for his latest single titled “There For You”, off his forthcoming debut EP ‘Dark Highway,’ due out later this year.

Stream the lyric video here:

Stream the track on all DSPs:

The “There For You” lyric video is the follow up to his debut lyric video, “I’m Sorry” which has racked up more than a million views on Youtube since December. Check out the “I’m Sorry” lyric video here:

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Jonny Koch & Annie Sollange Team Up For ‘Love Me’ Sat, 15 Feb 2020 23:47:37 +0000 Singer/songwriters Jonny Koch and Annie Sollange join forces to explore the dark side of romance on ‘Love Me‘, their first single for hot UK label NCS (aka No Copyright Sounds; discoverers of worldwide sensations Alan Walker and Sub Urban).

With over 6 million combined streams for their tracks, and hailing from Seattle and Moscow respectively, Koch and Sollange were serendipitously brought together when an avid fan they had in common DM’d them and suggested that they work together.

Inspired by recent breakups in both the singers’ lives, ‘Love Me‘ is an infectious bit of modern pop that perfectly encapsulates the bittersweet uncertainty of today’s relationships. Listen here.

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AMERICANA HIGHWAYS DEBUTS NEW SINGLE “BLIND BEULAH” Sat, 15 Feb 2020 16:40:04 +0000 In a brilliant flash of energy, Otira brings us back to the days of unrestrained raves on “Hardcore Sound.” Rolling breaks, anthemic synths and happy hardcore elements take charge as Otira steamrolls over the status-quo and clears the way for his brave new snythnesization of dance music. “Hardcore Sound” will be title track off Otira’s forthcoming sophomore EP of the same time, due this spring on Dim Mak.

“Hardcore Sound” sees Otira continue to spread the gospel of rave around the world, setting off 2020 with a vigorous track worthy of old-school acclaim.

Buy & Stream:

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CHUCK D LAUNCHES PUMA x PUBLIC ENEMY COLLAB WITH ‘DEF TALKS’ EVENT THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO Sat, 15 Feb 2020 16:34:24 +0000 The enduring convergence of hip-hop and sneaker cultures was immortalized when PUMA and Def Jam Recordings announced their partnership and debut shoe in the summer 2019. Now, PUMA introduces their collaboration with Public Enemy over NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago. In celebration of the special collab, Def Jam and PUMA will host a live, moderated conversation with living legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, Def Jam artists Jadakiss and Dave East, and New York hoop icon God Shammgod.

Moderated by Russ Bengtson, veteran journalist (Slam magazine, Complex) and a renowned sneakerhead, the one-hour Def Talks X Public Enemy panel will start at 4:30 p.m. at the League Fits Lounge Powered by PUMA Hoops at 550 North Michigan Avenue, site of PUMA’s pop-up with Slam.

This latest installment of the Def Talks series will explore how the cultures of hip-hop and sneakers became interlaced, and just how far they’ve come. The stage is set for fresh takes on two PUMA styles: the classic Clyde along with PUMA’s newly relaunched Sky LX.  Both were on-court basketball sneakers back in the day, when Def Jam’s ground-breaking artists were known to rock PUMAs on stage and in the booth.

30 years after Public Enemy dropped its game-changing third album Fear of a Black Planet in 1990, eye-popping new iterations of the two classic PUMA shoes acknowledge the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame group’s continuing influence.  Chuck D’s famous “Fight the Power” verse emblazons the side of the PUMA x Public Enemy Sky LX ($140); while the PUMA x Public Enemy Clyde ($90) has “Fear Of A Black Planet” boldly stamped on the outsole.

Redesigned as lifestyle shoes for today, the PUMA x Def Jam Sky LX ($140) and PUMA x Def Jam Clyde ($90) commemorate PUMA and Def Jam’s place in history, complete with throwback vibes, including a Def Jam logo on the tongue.

The two designs in the PUMA x Public Enemy collection will be available this spring.  Select styles from both collections will be available in limited releases at the pop-up during All-Star Weekend in Chicago. The two designs in the PUMA x Def Jam collection are in stores and online at now.

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