News – Vents Magazine Music and Entertainment Magazine Fri, 03 Apr 2020 22:03:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 WATCH: Jessie Reyez opens up about her debut album “Before Love Came To Kill Us” and collaborating with Eminem Fri, 03 Apr 2020 22:03:34 +0000 Grammy-nominated Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez called into MTV’s “Fresh Out Live” today to talk virtually with host Kevan Kenney about her new debut album Before Love Came To Kill Us, which came out March 27th, what it’s been like to work with Eminem, and what it’s like to release a new album in such anxious and uncertain times.

Watch the interview now on MTV YouTube!

On how she is staying creative during self-isolation:

“Pick up a skill man! I’m learning how to play piano and I’m brushing up on my very beginner piano skills. I’m fighting to not get sucked into black holes on YouTube, as tempting as that is.”

On collaborating with Eminem on the new track “Coffin”:

“I know some people don’t know that we’ve worked together originally on his album (Kamikaze) already, and he’s dope, man! There’s only two times in my life — because I’ve been lucky enough to work with some legends — and there’s only two times I’ve been like *gasp*! And he was one of them. For the album, we’d be wanting to work together again, so it was an opportunity for me to actually send him the record and I sent him “Coffin,” and a few weeks later he sent back the vocals, and I was like no way!

On how the coronavirus will affect her scheduled spring tour with Billie Eilish:

“It’s up in God’s hands and it’s up in the community’s hands, which is why it gets me so freaking aggravated when I see people still outside and still going to functions and still going to parties because that’s what’s going to delay us getting back to normal.”

MTV’s “Fresh Out Live” is a new short-form music series that delivers the most important music and pop culture news of the week directly to fans, including artist interviews, in-studio performances, album drops and tour announcements every Friday at 5PM ET/PT on MTV.

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VISIONARY PLS&TY RELEASES FEEL-GOOD-VIBES EP “VERY SPECIAL” Fri, 03 Apr 2020 21:50:26 +0000 Fresh off the heels from releasing back-to-back hit singles, Florida native DJ and producer, PLS&TY, released his full EP “Very Special” today on all digital streaming platforms. The EP includes already released singles — “Very Special” ft. Sean Kingston, “I Miss You” ft Alex Aoino and Wifisfuneral, “High” ft. Tima Dee, and new single “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” ft. Kyan, officially released today. Listen here

The “Very Special” EP features many well-known artists. Pop culture icon and fan favorite, Sean Kingston, best known for his hit song “Beautiful Girls,” adds his touch to “Very Special.” Social media star and actor on Netflix’s “Finding Ohana,” Alex Aiono,  and one of the pioneers of the Soundcloud rap scene, Wifisfuneral, teamed up on “I Miss You.” Tima Dee, a frequent collaborator with Borgore, Tritonal and more has also added her touch to the song “High.” Lastly, Kyan, known for his feature on Madeon’s debut studio album “Adventure,” collaborates with PLS&TY on “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”

PLS&TY’s unique creativity shines in “Very Special” as he combines the lyrics of young love with an electronic dance sound, giving a refreshing wave to the electronic music scene and the perfect “summertime” daydream. He allows his audience to explore the depth of his artistry and musical intentions when it comes to telling a story through wavy upbeat and sublime effects of electronic dance music.

With past hits already cemented in the Billboard charts like “Good Vibes” and “Run Wild,” PLS&TY continues to turn his visions into a reality that people have been craving. The new single, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” wraps up the EP with a gravitating introduction, catchy lyrics and anticipating drops that will be sure to light up any party. From his forward-thinking music mind, PLS&TY is burgeoning into the electronic dance music scene with his unique sound: languid bass, captivating vocals, and enough upbeat melodies to make anybody feel good.

PLS&TY: “I was really inspired by the progression of how romance develops between lovers. The songs on the EP symbolize when lovers first meet and the progression of a relationship until the end. I knew that working with these talented vocalists would help carry my message across. The inspiration for ‘Very Special’ was the natural progression of how relationships begin and end. Working with such talented artists helped bring my vision to life as they all put their own signature touches to the records embodied on the EP.”

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Producer/artist NATIIVE and sister duo KTJ & CARLY craft an explosive mix of electronic pop on their collaboration, “Holding On” Fri, 03 Apr 2020 21:46:13 +0000 NATIIVE brings years of songwriting and production chops to the table. With over 13M+ streams, including his hit single “Memories,” NATIIVE has worked alongside industry heavyweights, including Ella Vos, Cailee Rae and Alexander Oscar. His tracks have been featured on New Music Friday, Chilled Pop Hits, and New Pop Revolution among several other curated Spotify owned playlists.

Combine his success with the rising star power of  KTJ & CARLY and it’s no surprise you have a hit on your hands. After releasing their debut single, “On Your Mind,” the sisters were named Artist to Watch in 2020. They’re soulful vocals, and sizzling R&B vibes have captured the attention of fans, culminating in multiple sold-out shows at popular Los Angeles venues.

On the elusive dance track, “Holding On,” the magnetic vibrations are there from the start. The rhythm slowly builds to a booming, atmospheric chorus radiating with pulsating energy. Produced by NATIIVE, the pristine production creates a sonic landscape ripe for KTJ & CARLY’s haunting call and repeat vocals. Layers of synths and heady, seductive vocal arrangements ensure a repeat-worthy melody sure to be a mainstay on the club scene.


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EM ROSSI Releases New Single ‘GOT THIS FEELING’ Fri, 03 Apr 2020 20:14:14 +0000 Every musical era brings forth a new generation of superstars and exceptional talents – and every technical innovation in the entertainment field reveals new possibilities and ways for young musicians and singers to fulfill their dream of a great career. Starting with Elvis Presley, who in 1953 recorded a record for a few dollars in Sam Phillip’s Memphis Recording Service Studio as a present for his mother, to Justin Bieber, whose sensational rise to global fame began with his mother uploading his cover versions of well-known songs to YouTube. Even the invention of karaoke machines and the growing popularity of karaoke events across the globe have served as a stepping stone into stardom for artists like Mary J. Blige and Taylor Swift. Em Rossi is the next young singer who is set on conquering international charts, and she owes her popularity to one of the newest innovations to date: the karaoke app SMULE.

Similarly to shooting stars such as Shawn Mendes (breakthrough thanks to the video portal Vine) and Lil Nas X (who became a chart topper as a result of his immense popularity on Tik Tok), Em Rossi has managed to generate an impressive fanbase on SMULE – and consequently on YouTube – in recent years (almost 700,000 followers on Smule, over seven million views on YouTube). An international level of popularity, that led to the releases of the 21-year-old California native to climb to the top of the trend charts in many countries, including Australia, Canada, France and Italy. Now, Em Rossi has signed a major record deal with Sony Music RCA Germany, where she is celebrating her debut with the single “Got This Feeling”. 

The Los Angeles-based artist Em Rossi is not only an exceptional singer, but also a born storyteller – who in the past five years has lived through quite some things that she is now overcoming by singing about it. “After the loss of my father, I felt like I was going through a whole lifetime of emotions,” she recalls. “But eventually, I was able to liberate myself from that and to create the world I live in now. And I‘m happy again now.” 

With the new single “Got This Feeling”, Em Rossi is starting a completely new chapter. The song, which has already earned her comparisons with Troye Sivan, Dua Lipa and Adele, is another alt-pop jewel that shows just how far following your heart can take you. And already, there’s no doubt about the fact that Em Rossi will go her own way.


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Ferdous Releases New Single “Counting Stars” Fri, 03 Apr 2020 19:08:41 +0000 Ferdous is back with the release of his new single “Counting Stars,” a catchy song about keeping a sane mind when it sometimes feels like the world is moving into a downwards spiral.

About the song, Ferdous comments “I’ve spent the biggest part of my life in a sleepy town in the south of the Netherlands, which I think is the main reason why I’ve always made music, because it was the only way to entertain myself when i felt stuck in an uneventful time and place. Eventually this resulted in a duoproject called Klyne, for which all of a sudden I was playing shows in front of thousands of people across Europe, UK and US. As exciting as it was for me, I grew older and started to realise that a bored mind perhaps isn’t that bad – in fact it always helped me to keep writing music that’s exciting to me.

That’s why I decided to start my new solo project, which I’ve just launched in late 2019. with this project I want to be able to make meaningful decisions when it comes to my music. I want to take as much time as I need to find a specific sound I’m looking for with a song, to sit back and reflect on what the music means to me, how it resembles my mood and personality, and how I potentially want to convey this if I would perform the music live on stage. That’s what this project is all about for me.”

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Baddies Only Releases “I Need You,” Throwing Back to His First Raves Fri, 03 Apr 2020 18:44:47 +0000 American DJ and producer Baddies Only just dropped his third single “I Need You,” a modern club banger with a nostalgic element. The track delivers tech-house influenced style, incorporating a bouncy bassline paired with symbols and other instrumentals to create a high-energy sound born for sinister club parties. The catchy vocal riff in “I Need You” may sound familiar to fans of Steve Angello‘s side-peoject Mescal KidBaddies Only first heard the vocal during Angello‘s set when he first began going to shows, and he’d been waiting to use it in his own track ever since. Check out what he has to say about “I Need You” below:

About 8-9 years ago, I heard this female vocal sample – “I Need You,” in a Steve Angello‘s mix from an artist named Mescal Kid (which ended up being Steve‘s alter-ego). It was so memorable because I was at that age when I just started going to concerts and meeting the baddest girls, dancing and partying with them, so my passion and excitement was on overload. I told myself I had to wait for the perfect song to bring the sample back to life and capture that euphoric, nostalgic feeling. We all can trace back to our first or second show/concert where the music and scene really enthralled us. I bring that energy and passion that ignited my love for house music” – Baddies Only


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LIZZY & THE TRIGGERMEN DROP QUARANTINE DANCE MUSIC VIDEO Fri, 03 Apr 2020 18:40:54 +0000 Lizzy & The Triggermen is inspiring people all over the world to get up and dance with a compelling visual for their new single, “Dance Song (for the End of the World).” The 10-piece swing band invited friends from 15 countries, spanning 6 continents to join their giant quarantine dance party-turned music video for the single. Watch here.

The video features a new single, “Dance Song (for the End of the World),” from their forthcoming debut EP (‘Good Songs for Bad Times’) that feels eerily relevant despite being written by the lead singer before the pandemic. The EP is set for release on May 14th.

“The feel good dance song isn’t actually about the world ending, but rather how to find joy and hope when it feels like it is. It is about lifting people’s spirits through music and dance during scary times,” says Lizzy Shapiro. “In an effort to do just that, we reached out to friends all over the globe with only one request: film yourself dancing at home. What came back was a truly amazing array of unique, inspiring and hilarious videos.”

The “Dance Song (for the End of the World)” music video features some of the top swing dancers in the world like Remy Kouakou Kouame and Vincenzo Fesi. The song was arranged by jazz vet, Dan Barrett and features lead vocals by Lizzy Shapiro, harmony vocals by Liz Beebe (Dustbowl Revival) and the San Andreas Sisters. The music video was directed by Justin Nijm and Jack Bishop and produced by Nikki Marvin.

In just a year, the band has headlined and sold-out shows at premiere venues such as the Wiltern Theatre, the El Rey and the Troubadour before even releasing a single track, just through word-of-mouth about their electric live shows which has organically built them a dedicated following.

Be it songs about female empowerment, gaslighting, or the world ending – Lizzy & The Triggermen has an undeniable ability to take the topics of today and turn them into gloriously raucous dance music that recharges the spirit in that way only a full horn section can.

Helmed by the powerhouse vocals, songwriting chops and femme fatale swagger of Lizzy and a dream team of veteran jazz musicians (who have played with everyone from Buck Clayton to Benny Goodman), the band transports the audience to a glamorous, golden-era experience that is edgy and a bit underground. Check out their performance on Good Day LA HERE.

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LAUREN JAIMES RELEASES FIRST MUSIC VIDEO & ACCOMPANYING SINGLE TO “HOME IS WHERE YOU ARE” Fri, 03 Apr 2020 18:38:16 +0000 Lauren Jaimes has released her debut music video and accompanying single “Home Is Where You Are”. Watch here

Filmed in Brooklyn, NY and directed by Forrest Weber, the video is an exciting one-shot performance that complements the song’s playful melody and that just might make you start shufflin’ your boots.

“Home Is Where You Are” radiates nostalgia and evokes a dreamy vintage sound that is reflective of some of Lauren’s favorite influences including Kacey Musgraves, Johnny Cash, and John Denver, while hints of Country, Folk, and Americana blend together seamlessly to create a unique and upbeat western vibe.

Lauren is excited to announce that she will be premiering “Home Is Where You Are” live during her debut music festival appearance at The New Jersey Folk Festival on April 25th in Brunswick, NJ. The single will be available for pre-order beginning March 17, 2020. For more information please visit her website at

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INANNA – STRANGE DAYS A QUARANTINE VOCAL EXPERIMENT Fri, 03 Apr 2020 18:34:56 +0000 Inanna’s new single, following up on “Twilight of the Dawn”, is an impromptu acapella composition on occasion of the coronavirus pandemic.

Her “Strange Days” is a humble and thoughtful ecological afterthought, musing over the pause to breathe and reflect that comes when an invisible force affects us all. Through Inanna’s undulating melodies and intimate vocal presence, the song takes through a meditation on the way Mother Nature communicates her warnings, and gives us new glimpses of a lost harmony, even in the face of danger.

Through a song with many layers of sound and meaning, Inanna tells the story of our strange historical moment and gives voice to the significance we all feel it might have – as a pause or a turning-point. Strange Days is a chant of renaissance, where harmonizing, vocally and internally, becomes an imperative to be able to cope and to bear witness to Nature’s message.

This is Inanna’s 5th original single, and she keeps working on her collection of nature & animals-oriented pieces, which will give birth to an album, called Acrotopia, to be released this year.

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Asher Angel Releases New Single “All Day” Fri, 03 Apr 2020 17:17:30 +0000 Actor, singer and songwriter Asher Angel releases his new “All Day” today on HITCO. The song was written by Arizona Zervas, whose song “Roxanne” was on the biggest records of the last few months. The song was written by Arizona Zervas, whose song “Roxanne” was on the biggest records of the last few months. The video will premiere on MTV’s Fresh Out tomorrow at 8AM ET. Click HERE to listen!

Asher said on the release of the song, “I am so excited to release ‘All Day’ – especially considering what is happening around the country right now. I hope that ‘All Day’ provides the same rush of joy and fun that it gives to me. A distraction from life’s current events. And the chance to collaborate with Arizona is just sublime.”

This Saturday, Asher is set to host an Instagram Livestream in partnership with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization as a part of their #TogetherAtHome series to help ensure they have the resources they need to address the global pandemic and prepare for future pandemics. In addition, last week he also helped kick off MTV’s #AloneTogether Instagram Live Jam Sessions.

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