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Horror: Review of ‘IT Chapter 2’ (2019)

IT Chapter 2 follows on from Andy Muschietti’s 2017 box-office hit IT, which is still based on Stephen King’s popular 1986 terrifying novel of the same name. Before horror-lovers even saw the 2017 remake, there were high hopes for its success and Muschietti delivered far more than we ever could’ve …

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The Top Trending Superfoods of 2019

While some of the items on this list may not come as a major surprise to some readers, many nutritionists will tell you that the term ‘superfood’ is often attributed to new foods with some health benefits – however vague. However, the food items on this list are what nutritionists …

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Everything You Need to Know About Lizzo

While you may only have become aware of Lizzo this year thanks to the runaway success of singles such as ‘Juice’ and ‘Truth Hurts’, Lizzo has actually been on the scene for a number of years already. Here are 10 facts about Lizzo. American Singer and Rapper Best known for …

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7 digital skills to future proof your future

Since the dawn of the internet and digital marketing we have been experiencing a digital transformation that has become an integral part of modern life, which affects all aspects of society and the economy. Although most people access the internet, especially the social media channels, on a daily basis, experts …

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