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Vents Mag – Sick Music

Performing on the Piano at an Advanced Level

Performing on the piano at an advanced level can be quite difficult, especially when you have been practicing and realizing that you are not really at the level you want. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to make things easier and achieve your desired goal when it …

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Song Localization: How to Guide

Music has always been known to bring together people from all over the world. If you come from a non-English speaking country, chances are that some of the greatest English hits have been translated in your native language. Have you ever wondered though, how much effort and skill goes into …

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Musik and Film give you the advantage

Musik and Film are a management company with all the services within for today’s independent artists needs, currently managing such artists as the excellent illacrimo and Monsieur Job. These are both artists I have enjoyed listening to, so it’s pleasure to review this company, they do the finest work out …

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Doctor P’s “Tetris” Has A New Remix


The producer SUB-human – also known as F.K.A Trumpdisco, has just released a bootleg of his remix for Doctor P. Based out of Melbourne, he has been making sounds for Circus Records over the past year, and now shows off his “Tetris” free download. If you loved the original (and …

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Selecting A Gambling Site

Lots of people have passion for gambling – they spend hours playing games of chance, gain lots of unforgettable emotions winning and boost their gambling skills. Gambling website means a lot when it comes to spending much time online; it may either make people want to play games of chance …

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The Change In Music Paradigm and Success

Times have been changing. Not only when it comes to society, but arts –for good or rather the worse- have been part of these changes, and nothing sees and is been affected more than the respective industries (call it Hollywood, Record Labels, etc.) Back in the early 00s, as internet …

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Lodato And Joseph Duveen Make “Friends”


After sitting pretty at the top of the Billboard Dance Chart with his track “Older” last year, it’s evident that producer and DJ, Lodato knows how to put together pieces that constitute a hit. “Friends” is the latest single from the talented American. Here, he melds infectious musical space and well-placed …

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