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The Magic of Preset Modification

Taking pictures has really evolved from the very first black and white camera in 1814, then the color camera came along in 1861 which changed everything. These days you can actually see the photograph that you took before getting it developed. You can take pictures with an actual camera, or …

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How To Edit Your Music To A YouTube Video Like A Pro

The importance of music in a corporate video is indisputable. A song can convert a normal video into an epic one, thanks to a great combination between video and audio. In addition, it is an element that generates more attention and can make your video generate all kinds of sensations. …

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3 Ways to Reuse Old Textbooks

The cost of a college education increases every year. Add to that the cost of textbooks and supplies and it’s easy to see why the cost of a higher education can be a hindrance for some people. One way to recoup some of the costs is by making use of …

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SoundCloud vs Spotify: 5 Pros and Cons

Upcoming artists find it difficult to determine where to put their songs. Each online platform has its own advantages and disadvantages and various platforms suit different scenes, genres and singers. Both SoundCloud and Spotify++ are music publishing websites whose aim is to assist upcoming singers to introduce their music to …

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The Most Fashionable Rock Stars of All Times

Rock stars have been the awe of their fans not just for their music but for their incredible style as well. They ooze off glamour and an edgy chic attitude and along with that have ample sex appeal as well. Rock stars certainly have an edge over all other musicians, …

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Determining The Right Inline Skate

Finding the best wheel set is quite difficult as there are many different styles, sizes and patterns of wheel sets are available in the market. You have to choose the skating wheels in the best way and allow the optimum wheel size. Most of the Recreational skates wheel sizes are …

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NHL News For Serious Hockey Fans

The NHL regular session is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, it has already stirred up a little bit of controversy and a great deal of excitement. There has been battles on and off the ice for some of hockey’s biggest names. Anyone who is a fan of hockey will agree …

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Forging physics for future

Studies in Physics ranges from particles smaller than atoms all the way to the existence of alternate realities. It can be argued that Physics has seen more development than any other discipline since the inception of the twentieth century. Developments in the field of Physics are married to work in …

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