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Vents Mag – Sick Music


The bump and grind of ‘Freak’ is UK producer Jerome Price making the temperature rise on his Armada Deep debut with a deadly shake and shimmy. ‘Freak’ features the vocals of Mei Mei, a mood setter who knows exactly what she wants, exhibiting the sort of butter-wouldn’t-melt sass that has …

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Age Management: Feeling Younger And Invigorated

We live in an exciting time, where there are many options available to stabilize and revitalize our hormonal imbalances. As we age, there are obvious symptoms that affect everyone and it’s nothing to be embarrassed by. Although it is more common to experience these problems at older ages, hormonal imbalance …

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Choosing A Coffee Machine

Are you tired of heading to the coffee shop everyday to get yourself a cup of coffee before you head to work? Are you tired of making a 15 minute head start to the bistro because you don’t know how long it could take and you don’t want to be …

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Essential Accessories To Have In A Diagnostic Center

Being in the medical field can be very serious job, and it also requires a lot of professional performance. When dealing with people’s lives, it is very important to have efficient and high-quality medical equipment. In fact, it should be every diagnostic centers priority to provide up-to-date and advanced equipment …

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3 Signs You Should Go For An EMsculpt Treatment

If you’ve been on Instagram as of late, you’ve probably seen the athletically clad Instagram girls holding EMsculpt paddles. And it’s also possible you’ve heard a talk from dermatologists, beauty gurus, and even doctors about this fairly new health treatment. From relieving back pain to toning and sculpting the abdominal …

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Find Trusted Gambling Sites at Gamble Rock

There’s a new and unique gambling guide (gamblerock.com) where you can discover trusted authority online gambling sites such as casino, poker and sports betting websites. Its free to join Gamble Rock and signing up is fast and easy. GambleRock.com provides gamblers with a list of the top 10 online casinos …

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10 Smart Things to Try If You Can’t Sleep

Sometimes you just cannot fall asleep as fast as you’d like to. Perhaps you’ve had a rough day or an emotional event; in fact, even positive events may result in unwanted alertness in the evening and may doom you to spend hours staring at the ceiling. If that sounds familiar …

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