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About Mustafa Hussain: Mustafa Hussain is a rising YouTube personality originating from New York. The twenty-four-year-old content creator has had massive success at a young age. From featuring on a national TV commercial with The Hershey Company, to receiving tens of millions of views on his social media platforms, Mustafa …

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Best Platforms to Prepare for Your Dream Job in 2020

In the recent past, online learning has changed the educational landscape dramatically. It is far cheaper, more effective and highly flexible when compared to the traditional educational systems in place. The feeling of taking control of your own learning process rather than being force-fed, has grabbed the attention of all …

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Importance and Benefits of Quran Learning

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Islam is the complete code of life; however, it is the only dean in this world for humans’ exact and right path. Human beings are bestowed with this great blessing of Allah. Muslims need to know the importance and benefits of Quran learning. So, we need to get entire information …

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Central sleep apnea: Symptoms, Causes

Overview Central sleep apnea disorder in which breathing stops and starts repeatedly during sleep. Central sleep apnea occurs because the brain does not send the proper signals to the muscles that control breathing. This condition is different from obstructive sleep apnea, in which normal breathing does not occur due to an …

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