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Hidden Cities for your Bucket List

Travelling expands the mind and opens your eyes to new experiences and possibilities. However, sometimes it can seem like everyone visits the same destinations over and over again. You’ve probably heard of all the world’s “best cities” from New York to Rome and Paris, but sometimes, it’s worthwhile to venture …

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Ian Munro’s Excels With “Fever Dream”

Ian Munro

Talented producer Ian Munro has been steadily making a name for himself in the bass music scene. With endless support from UZ and his Quality Goods Records platform, his new single “Fever Dream” is another hard-hitting effort that we’ve had on repeat since first listen. Having collaborated with Awoltalk for “Lost In You” …

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5 Reasons Why the Ukulele is an Underrated Instrument

How did the ukulele, which during the early twentieth century was one of the most popular instruments around, get shunted into the place it now holds in the musical world; which too often means it is overlooked as a serious instrument, or even looked down on by both practicing musicians …

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Chinese Popular Gambling Superstitions

Every modern, educated person will agree all the superstitions we believe have nothing to do with real life. They are obsolete and most ridiculous things made up a long time ago. The reality, though, is different. Despite our strongest protests, superstitions work their magic on us. The last is especially …

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PALASTIC Share Their “Goldmine”


The newest release from PALASTIC has just arrived on Universal Music Germany. “Goldmine” is a superb sound from the production duo, who are individually a rocket scientist and an architect and together a formidable electronic/pop act. Since they emerged in 2016, they have been garnering millions of streams (15 to …

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3 Must-See Movies About Gambling and Casinos

Have you ever played King of Cash Slot before? If you haven’t tried slot machines until now, we suggest you start with this one. Slot machines are fun, but we can’t say that they’re too charismatic to be the subject of movies! If you’re looking for gambling and casino-themed movies, …

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