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Disney Profits Fall

It’s been a bumper few months for Disney recently, as the studio has released some hugely-successful films. No less than four of their recent releases have passed the billion-dollar mark, and a fifth is almost there. Yet, following the publication of their last quarter financial results, the company’s shares slid …

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How to choose the most relaxing colour to paint the bedroom?

Choices such as room paint will always be personal, but the Malerkanonen professionals can help residents discover the feeling they want to get through the tone. When it comes to painting the room, what mainly matters is personal choice. Nevertheless, some professional tips make this decision easier. Firstly, one must …

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The Best types of Jewellery for Modern Women

Women’s love for jewellery is more than a cliché. From minimalistic designs to Gordy neckpieces, women can carry it all. Modern women mostly prefer subtle and crisp fashion that they can carry all through the day. Most of the modern women are working and accessorizing heavy materials is not only …

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Reasons You Should Choose a Mattress in a Box

If sleeping is proving to be a difficult task for you, it is probably time for you to replace your mattress. You’ve probably thought about it, and you can’t decide on the type of mattress you want. So, why is it challenging for you to choose a mattress? First, you’ve …

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How To Pack For Your Trek

Backpacking is one of the most popular activities in many parts of the United States and around the globe. In America, more than 7.2% enjoy backpacking. As a leisurely activity, backpackers trek from overnight backpack trips to one or two-day hikes. This fantastic walking feat requires that you have everything in your …

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5 Traits of an Addictive Personality

Addiction is a mental disease which involves changes in the reward centers of the brain that lead to changes in the behavioral patterns, cognition and retention. This is the short definition of addiction according to The American Society of Addictive Medicine. Studies on this topic revealed there are many factors …

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