Other Stuff – Vents Magazine https://ventsmagazine.com Music and Entertainment Magazine Sun, 19 Jan 2020 23:02:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.3.2 7 Amazing Elk Hunting Tips to Remember on Your Next Trip https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/7-amazing-elk-hunting-tips-to-remember-on-your-next-trip/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/7-amazing-elk-hunting-tips-to-remember-on-your-next-trip/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 23:02:13 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274259 Don’t you just love the thrill of hunting? Fewer things feel as good as being the hunter that eventually conquers their prey. Still, if there’s one thing hunters can agree on, it’s that elk hunting is hard. Inadequate research and gear, as well as lack of physical preparation, are among the things that make it demanding.

That said, elk hunting is just about the biggest game animal hunting you can experience. Elks have well-defined habits that will require some well-thought-out hunting strategies, and if you prepare accordingly, you could have your most rewarding hunt yet.

So how exactly do you prepare for elk hunting? You understand elk habitat and behavior, plan ahead, get your hunting tags, and follow these elk hunting tips I am about to share with you.

  1. Get in Shape

If there’s one thing you should get ready for, it’s the hike. ATVs can only go so far, and elk country is anything but flat.

You should be prepared to walk miles in your gear and boots through forests and up and down the hills, which is no easy feat. If or when you do fill your tag, you’ll have to carry the pounds of meat on your back.

No! Shooting the elk will not be the hardest part. The real job will start when you start dressing. Weather and terrain play a significant role in elk hunting, so you must have a plan of action. Having a partner helps a lot because carrying a 600 pound of meat alone is certainly not easy, if at all possible.

Being in shape is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for a successful hunt. If you can get into a running routine and lift weights, the better. If you plan a 10-day hunting trip, your body will adjust to the altitude in the first two days, then things will get easier from there.

  1. Plan Your Hunt

Planning your elk hunting strategies ahead of time is crucial for a successful hunt. Do you plan on taking an outfitter with you, or is it just a fun hunting trip with some pals? If you feel you need an experienced guide with you, then ensure you check them out through the state wildlife agency.

Know your hunting ground and do some scouting ahead of the hunting trip so you know how to find elk. If you can visit the area and check out the terrain and study maps to see where you expect to find elk, you’ll have a better chance of a successful hunt. It’ll help if you know the migration routes of the elk and found good wallows before the hunt.

  1. The Right Time to Hunt

Timing is everything when it comes to an elk hunting expedition. If you think that all you have to do is call out and the elk will come running, regardless of the time, then you seriously have to reconsider. If you don’t know this yet, bulls bugle during the breeding season, which is usually from late September in most places.

Most of the time, you’ll find that by mid-October bulls are silent, and the calling game is almost over. This is usually the firearms open season, so you may want to consider archery hunting during the breeding season.

Besides this, when the firearms seasons open, there’ll be hordes of hunters looking to make a kill, and the elk will hide in their security areas, which may be impossible to penetrate, or even find.

  1. One the Right Equipment

One of the most important things you can have for your elk hunting is a cow call. If you make it during the breeding season, a cow call could easily attract either herds or solo bulls that may be reluctant to bugle calls. Solo bulls are likely to be intimidated by bugle calls but will gladly respond to a cow call.

Of course, you need to be very good at this, so practice beforehand and listen to elk sounds on video. Elks usually make a lot of noise, and you need to reassure them that you are indeed one of them and not a hunter.

You must be careful about your scent as they’ll flush as soon as they smell you, so wearing scent eliminating clothing is an excellent idea. You need to have the best binoculars, rifle, rifle scope, and bow depending on what you choose to use. It would be best if you also had the right pack to carry all your gear, the meat, and possibly enormous antlers once you are successful.

  1. Talking About the Right Hunting Clothes

The base layer is essentially the most important. Merino wool is one of the most suitable because it has adequate moisture-wicking qualities. Beyond that, it has incredible odor control. You need quality insulation on top of that, and this will depend mostly on the season.

If you go bow hunting, which mostly starts in August, lightweight merino wool will be suitable. By the beginning of October, you’ll need mid-weight merino wool and possibly a rain jacket close by. It may help you have some extra clothes in the pack just in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

If there is one thing you can’t afford to overlook, it’s your feet. It would help if you had quality boots and quality socks because getting blisters in such terrain is easy but very inconvenient. Your feet need to be dry and well protected all through the hunt.

  1. Practice With Your Bow or Rifle

One of the most essential archery hunting tips is that you need to practice. You need to be proficient before you can start hunting, otherwise, even if you encounter elk, it may as well be pointless if you can’t shoot. Spend several months prior to the hunting season practicing your craft and learning how far you can shoot comfortably.

  1. Stay Hydrated and Carry Some Shelter

Regardless of how hot or cold the weather is, staying hydrated is important. The thing is, carrying liters upon liters of water with you is not a wise decision.

Once you start to hike, it’ll get heavy, fast. When hunting elk, chances are, you’ll come across sources of water, such as streams, creeks, or even melting snow, and what you need is a water filter.

With a filtration system, you can have as much freshwater as you need once you come across a stream. Of course, to stay on the safe side, you should have a bottle that you can fill up each time you reach a water source, so it doesn’t run out.

Besides that, if you plan to go deeper into the woods where it’ll be harder to get back within a day, a one-man tent and a good sleeping bag will come in handy. Resting is just as important as staying hydrated if you want to be in shape to catch and elk and take home a trophy.

There You Have the Best Elk Hunting Tips!

These are some of the best elk hunting tips from experts and just a bonus, a late hunting trip may be one of the best hunting trips. If you are willing to hunt in nasty weather during late November, you can have a quality hunt. You may have to apply for tags, but if you draw, there will be fewer hunters and bigger bulls to catch.

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10 Places You Need To Visit In New York! https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/10-places-you-need-to-visit-in-new-york/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/10-places-you-need-to-visit-in-new-york/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 22:58:01 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274256 New York City, or as many like to say NYC – a city that never sleeps is one of the greatest cities in this world. People have ranked New York City as a whirlwind of activities as there are a lot of famous sites that you need to visit.

To be honest, you’ll never have enough time to see each and everything. Most people from around the world come to NYC to enjoy the Broadway show, while other come to shop and dine.

There are a lot of history hidden in this City and a lot of famous places that you need to visit. Don’t worry, a lot of the places you would visit are within walking distance from one another, or perhaps are few short rides away.

What to know the 10 most popular places to visit in NYC in 2020? If yes, then you need to keep reading until the end!

#1: Fifth Avenue

Are you in the New York City for shopping? If yes then you need to visit the Fifth Avenue for sure. The Fifth Avenue is the new premier shopping area. You’ll be seeing a lot of top designers and their flagship stores here.

Even if you are a non-shopper, you can have a walk along there!

#2: Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Station is no doubt a fantastic Beaux Arts Building which was first opened in 1913. This terminal was for subway and train stations.

If you are at the Grand Central Station, you shouldn’t miss the grand staircase. You’ll for sure won’t be able to stop to gaze out over the concourse.

#3: The Frick Collection

If you are here for an ambiance, then you need to visit the Frick Collection. This place tops the list when it comes to NYC museums. The Frick Collection was housed in the early 1900s in a mansion. The building and original collection was donated by Henry Clay Frick. Yes! You guessed it right, he did display all his art collection.

#4: The New York Public Library

The original design of the New York Public Library was designed in the Beaux Arts Style by Carrere & Hastings. The Library has a lot of impressive rooms and is one of the city’s most prominent attraction that has also been featured in a lot of movies and TV shows over the years.

#5: Wall Street

The Wall Street stretches straight for 8 blocks; from Broadway to South Street. You might have seen “The Wolf Of Wall Street” right? Well, this street and the nearby areas are home to some of the most important exchanges in the world.

To name some of the, The New York Stock Exchange, The Nasdaq, and the NY Mercantile Exchange.

#6: Music Hall – Radio City

Need to see the most famous entertainment venue and perhaps a designated city landmark? Then you definitely need to see the Radio City – Music Hall.

Since 1932, The Art Deco Theater has been offering musical extravaganzas, films, and is home to the dance company, The Rockettes.

#7: Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall opened in 1891 as New York’s first extraordinary show lobby. Performers from Tchaikovsky, who directed on premiere night, to Leonard Bernstein and The Beatles have filled the lobby. It is said to have probably the best acoustics on the planet.

#8: Islamic Center New York

The Islamic Center New York is located in the heart of NYC. That is right, it’s situated in Manhattan, The Islamic Center New York has been providing the people of NY with multiple points of entry to learn, socialize with other Muslim, and utilize the space for intellectual and spiritual crossroads.

Want to know when to offer Salah? Check out Prayer Times NYC. You’ll see the most accurate time of Prayers accordingly.

#9: The Central Park

It doesn’t matter whether you need to walk, peddle, or get a carriage ride through the crisscrossing pathways of the Central Park, this is considered to be a Must-Do Itinerary. What’s more fun is in winter you can even lace up your skates shoes can glide across the Wollman rink.

#10: Statue Of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty was a gift to America from the French that was built in New York. Till date it still remains one of the world’s most famous symbol of freedom. The Statue of Liberty is one of the largest statues in the world. It stands 152 feet tall from the base till the torch.

Author: When you talk about the remodeling ideas, no one can help you better than Sarah Michelle. With ample experience in the field and dedication to work has been a pro in increasing the aesthetic value of places. To stay updated with the ins and outs of remodeling, her articles are a must read.

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Some Of The Most Popular Types Of Flowers Given On Valentine’s Day https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/some-of-the-most-popular-types-of-flowers-given-on-valentines-day/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/some-of-the-most-popular-types-of-flowers-given-on-valentines-day/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 22:53:26 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274253 Giving flowers to the loved ones on valentine’s day is a well known tradition that people have been following from centuries. In fact, still around 70 percent of men buy flowers as a gift along with chocolates on valentines day. But there are lots of different Valentine’s day flowers that you can choose from.

To choose the best flower, the best thing that you can do is choosing according to the liking of your loved one. But to make things a bit more clear for you, here are some of the most popular types of flower given on valentine’s day each year.


This isn’t a surprise at all, right? According to an independent survey, around half of all the flowers bought on valentine’s day are red roses. This is especially because red roses are associated with affection, beauty and love.

Red isn’t the only color available when you’re looking to buy a rose. For a picky person, there are around 150 types of roses to choose from. So, you surely aren’t short on options here.


Lilies are available in different colors like pink, white, red and orange. These flowers are liked by a lot of people. Among all the lilies, the white ones are the most popular due to their dramatically bright white color and wonderful fragrance. Lilies are also preferred by the people who think that roses are a bit overrated.


Tulips are especially liked and lived by the people who like their flower to be of a traditional style and color. If you think that the style of a tulip is a bit too simple, then keep in mind that you can get the tulip in in color imaginable. So, you’re more likely to find the perfect tulip for your loved one in the color they prefer. In the language of flowers, red tulips are co soldered as a declaration of love. That matches with the overall theme of valentine’s day.


Carnations are a more affordable option, and they come second the popularity after roses. So, if you’re looking to get a heavy bouquet arranged for your loved one this valentine’s day, carnations might be your go to option with an affordable price tag. According to the language of live, carnations are a good option if your relationship is still in the early stages. Additionally, these beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors you can choose from.

Peruvian Lily

These flowers are also lived by a lit of people due to the their beauty and style. These lilies are usually added to the bouquets of other flowers to complement them and to add to the overall design.

The Peruvian Lily is popular for another reason too, these flowers can last of a very long time after being cut. So, it symbolizes your long lasting and never dying love for your loved one. They can make the bouquet look fuller and perfect.

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Invest Intelligently: 6 Tips for Buying Stocks https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/invest-intelligently-6-tips-for-buying-stocks/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/invest-intelligently-6-tips-for-buying-stocks/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 22:51:18 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274251 The thought of investing your retirement money or any hard-earned money in stocks can be scary and daunting. You’ll constantly think about losing out or watch the charts if they decrease.

However, stock markets are still helping multiple Americans make money. It also doesn’t take a lot to get started in the right direction. You only need the right tips for buying stocks to help you do it right.

Here are 6 tips that will help you take advantage of what the stock market has to offer.

  1. Evaluate Your Financial Situation

It’s important to assess your current financial status to know if you have enough funds for your investment. If possible, start investing when you have little or no debt and at least money to cover your expenses for a while.

This will eliminate the pressure and worry, which may lead to investing in short-term trades. It will also give you the flexibility to purchase more at a time and try out different strategies.

  1. Think Long Term

You definitely have to decide what you want to accomplish by learning tips for buying stocks. It may be buying a home, accumulating your college fee, or topping up your retirement fund.

It’s important to know at what point you’ll need your money. If you’ll need the funds in a few years, consider finding a different investment.

Stocks provide significant returns when left for many years. Yet in the short run, they can be very volatile and can lose value. This is why it’s advisable to leave your stocks in the market for more than five years -the longer, the better.

The growth of your stock depends on the following:

  • The size of your capital

  • The net annual earnings of your capital

  • The number of years of your investment

  1. Take Advantage of the Compound Interest

You’ve probably seen the point on investing stock for years for better results on all tips for buying stocks. Understanding the concept of compound interest will make it a bit clearer for you.

Here’s an example:

If you invest $2000 and your return is 8% per annum, your money will have accumulated to $2160 by the end of year one.

In the second year, your capital will no longer be $2000 but $2160. This means by the end of the second year your money will grow with $172.80 instead of $160, accumulating your total to $2332.80

This may not be a significant change in the first years, but as the years pass and your capital grows, your investments grow to something substantial.

  1. Build up Positions Slowly

Most successful stock investors buy stocks with the hope of reaping benefits through dividends and share price appreciation over decades.

You can also take your time buying as well. Here are tips for buying stocks that will moderate your exposure to price volatility.

Dollar-cost average. This is a strategy where you invest a certain amount of money at regular times. It may be weekly or monthly. The set amount of money buys fewer stocks when the stock market rises, and buy more when the prices go down.

Buy in thirds. This is somewhat similar to dollar-cost average. You set your money into three thirds and invest it at regular intervals. It doesn’t have to be based on time.

You can invest the first third, right before a company releases a new product in the market, and the other third if it’s a hit. If it’s not, you can invest the remaining amount into something different.

Focus on Arbitrage. Learning about stock arbitrage is very beneficial. It’ll help you to identify opportunities that are widely undervalued.

Buy “the basket.” It’s normal to be stuck in multiple companies trying to decide which one you should invest in. If you find yourself in this position, buy them all. By doing this, you won’t be missing out if any of them takes off, and you can use the profits from it to offset any losses you may have.

With time, you’ll know which company is the best and double down your investment in it.

  1. Don’t Get Emotional

One mistake investors make is letting their emotions control their investment decisions. Many longtime investors will tell you that one of the most beneficial tips for buying stocks was to not get emotionally involved.

Journaling can help you stay intact during these hard times. Write why you decided to commit to every stock in your portfolio.

Here’s some journal prompt for goal re-focusing examples:

Why I’m buying. Explain what attracted you to a company and the potential you saw in it. Next, state your expectations and metrics that measure the company’s milestones. Lastly, spell out what pitfalls may be temporary, and which one may be a complete game-changer.

What would make me sell? There are viable reasons that may make you split from a company. The reasons shouldn’t relate to the stock’s fluctuation. But something that may influence the growth of the company, such as the withdrawal of a significant client.

  1. Learn About the Basics Before Investing

It’s crucial that you understand a few key factors about the stock market before you start buying and selling stocks. Take a look at a few of them below.

Financial metrics and their meaning. Understand the meaning of metrics such as earnings per share (EPS), P/E ratio, compound annual growth rate (CAGR), and return on equity (ROE).

Stock market order types. Know how to differentiate between trailing stop-loss orders, stop market orders, market orders, stop-limit orders, and other types used by investors.

Different types of stock investment accounts. The most common account is a cash account, but sometimes margin accounts are required by regulations for some trades.

Do You Want More Tips for Buying Stocks?

Investing in stocks is a great way to grow your money over the years. It’s important that you ensure you’re ready to commit to your stocks before investing by evaluating your financial status. This reduces the pressure and fear that comes with fluctuating stock prices.

For tips for buying stocks on the market and other financial related topics, check out the rest of our blog.

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Effective marketing methods in 2020 https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/effective-marketing-methods-in-2020/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/effective-marketing-methods-in-2020/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 22:49:02 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274249 Well, things started very modestly for digital marketers. Back in the day, they had very limited options to market their brands. Sending a couple of emails or writing a blog was almost the pinnacle of digital marketing.

Fast forward to the present, things have changed quite dramatically. With every passing year, technology kept on progressing and old marketing techniques got placed with the fresh ones. No wonder, 2020 is also keeping up with the same tradition.

Marketing is all about staying current. So as we have bid farewell to 2019, the marketing world is all pumped up to exploit the latest trends in 2020. 2019 may have ended but it has given us a clue regarding the marketing modes which are going to dominate the contemporary year. The SEO companies in Dallas stand as testimony to that. They are as follows:

Write research-oriented content

Ever since its inception, content marketing has always been like a shining star in the sky of digital marketing. Bill Gates might have said ‘’content is king” way back in 1994 but its status remains unchanged even after 26 years down the road.

Over the course of time, the taste of the public kept on changing and the content creators were forced to mold their content accordingly. Today, the audience wants to read research-centric blogs. Owing to social media platforms, the information overflow is such that readers are pretty much aware of everything except the numbers. That’s the biggest reason why infographics are all over the place.

Of course, data-driven posts will be a tough nut to crack. You will have to invest more time compared to writing the regular stuff. But all this hard work is going to reward you in the following ways:

  • A well-researched piece will help you to be taken as an authority in your niche. Resultantly, people will not only share your content on social media but also link it on their websites. You can track all such websites and formulate a long term link building strategy with them.

  • You will win the trust of visitors.

  • Google algorithms will start to crawl in your favor and your ranking will be boosted.

Make sure to publish with frequent intervals or else get ready to vanish from the public consciousness.

Invest in personalization

Even if you have managed to pull out considerable traffic on your website, you can’t retain it without engaging in personalization. Remember, nothing irritates people more than the sight of a totally irrelevant pop-up ad. People will leave your website pledging never return again. Already 80 percent of the customers admit that they won’t indulge in a transaction with a brand that falls way short of personalization. In 2020, customers are likely to grow more intolerant towards non-personalized offers.

The equation is very simple here; more data will lead you towards a better understanding of your audience. By drilling down the reports of Google Analytics you can come across behavior, habits and future intentions of the website visitors.

Afterward, you can compile all this data in a transparent way and utilize it while designing a promotional campaign. That way, be it your content or ads, everything will reflect the interest of your audience and the ratio of conversion will mark a serious uptick. Since people stay connected on social media throughout the day, they share all their details on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and suchlike. You can also use these tools to accumulate more insights.

Make the most of podcasts

Podcasts are not a new advent in the world of digital marketing. But their popularity reached an unprecedented level in 2019. In accordance with well-documented numbers, 70 percent of the US adults are well-versed about podcasting today while only 22 percent of Americans were familiar with this concept in 2006. As things stand now, marketers will continue to appease the audience with podcasts in 2020 as well.

Since podcasts are typically produced in an audio version, they provide a refreshing break from videos. Unlike videos, they come up with the show notes. So instead of going through the whole episode, listeners can simply scratch up the notes and decide to stick or switch to something else. It takes the user-experience to a whole new level.

Apart from that, podcasting is a viable way to bring the visually impaired audience into the mainstream. With the passage of time, the number of low-cost startups is steadily increasing. As podcasts consume minimum resources, the small enterprises will exploit it as their go-to marketing alternative.

Install Chabot

In 2019, you could easily stumble upon a website that didn’t have a Chabot. However, you won’t see many such websites in 2020. Instinctively, customers like to communicate with humans to resolve their quarries but it is not humanly possible to always assist in a timely manner. Considering this reality, as many as nearly 67 percent of people used bots to resolve their issues.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuously marching forward. 2020 is going to be the year when bots will be able to personalize the conversation and we could already see some examples of that in the last year.

Having said that, you have to be street-smart in the utilization of bots. For example, if bots keep on appearing aimlessly here and there, the visitors will end up creating distaste towards your brand.

Influencer marketing

It goes without saying that the usage of social media has become rampant. As 2020 progresses, you will see new social influencers making their way to the public. These influencers have a remarkable fan following not only in terms of numbers but also the level of admiration among the fan-base is not too different than big-screen celebrities.

At the same time, it is equally important to collaborate with the right influencer. For example, if your business is about fashion accessories, you have to hook up with someone who is considered as an authority in the same niche.

Live video

Numerically speaking, the total worth of the live video industry is going to cross 70 billion dollars by 2021. While live streaming is handy at multiple things, it is best suited for product launching. The reason being, it allows viewers to come up with the firsthand feedback by participating in the comment section. This is perhaps one reason why live videos have three times longer watching duration compared to the recorded videos.

In addition to that, the Fear of Missing out (FOMO) also pushes customers to stay glued to their screens.


As soon as marketers step into a new year, the first question they ask themselves is “what is new?” Well, if you were somewhat disturbed a similar question, you have got your answer now. If you structure your promotional campaigns upon the above marketing trends, there is no way you can go wrong in 2020.

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Need a Supplement Re-Stock? Let’s Zero In on the Best Half-Off Deals at Coles https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/need-a-supplement-re-stock-lets-zero-in-on-the-best-half-off-deals-at-coles/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/need-a-supplement-re-stock-lets-zero-in-on-the-best-half-off-deals-at-coles/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 22:47:16 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274247 It is not only discounted food items from the retail giant, Coles, that a lot of people are talking about recently. The almost ubiquitous Aussie supermarket chain, after all, has also been pretty daring with its offers on supplements. And there is no better proof of this than the sheer number of health and beauty supplements with 50% discounts it is currently offering weekly.

Are these price cuts all worth it, though? Well, as in consuming anything for the purpose of bringing about positive health benefits, it really depends on how much science backs up a specific supplement. More often than not, the more attention a supplement is getting from researchers, the more you should consider using them. This is assuming they are backed by verified results from the said studies which confirm the benefits associated with them.

Incidentally, if you are a newbie to supplement-taking, now is the best time to learn about the smarter approach to using them. Otherwise, allow us to highlight the few must-have supplements from Coles’s hugely discounted offerings.

Glucosamine Sulfate

Osteoarthritis is a fairly common condition that lots of people, particularly the elderly, are subject to. If you know someone who is suffering from it or if you yourself are prone to bouts of unbearable arthritic pain, then glucosamine sulfate is definitely one of the most effective supplements for them.

The supplement’s anti-inflammatory effect has been established. Coupled with its capability to treat most bone and joint disorders, the supplement serves as a very potent weapon in the fight against osteoarthritis.

The glucosamine sulfate listed on the catalogue is by Blackmores and costs half of its original price at $22 for a 150-pack bottle, making it the most expensive among the discounted supplements. Compared to other retailers like Supplement Mart where glucosamine sulfate’s prices range from $27.95 to $32, this is certainly one of the most notable deals on offer in this current Coles catalogue.

Fish Oil

Another supplement that has received a recommendation from one of the top universities in the world is fish oil. The proven cardiac-protective benefits of fish oil make it one of the best supplements people should take daily. This is especially true if you tend to miss out on fish in your diet. Though, admittedly, this may not really be a problem for most Aussies since can readily incorporate fish in their diet. Interestingly, though, fish consumption among Australian households is actually at a downtrend in recent years according to statistics.

That said, the Blackmores Fish Oil deal on the Coles catalogue is really worth it if you are not getting enough of its source in your diet. It is just too good to miss because you get 400 capsules in one bottle with a 50% price reduction of as much as $15. Not a lot of supplement retailers can offer high-quality fish oil for less and with such quantities; again, this is using Supplement Mart as a reference.


Maintaining a healthy gut is one of the keys to having optimal physical and mental health. If any of the essential aspects of your general wellness is doing poorly, may it be diet, lifestyle, or stress management, there is a very good chance that the bacterial balance in your gut will suffer in the process. This, more often than not, leads to susceptibility to gastrointestinal problems and colds.

The best way to keep this from happening is by directly consuming live bacteria in the form of probiotics. Most experts suggest taking them in the evening with food to maximise their benefits. Blackmores Probiotics+ claims it boosts immunity, and this has certainly been backed up by science, as proven by probiotics’ ability to shield us from colds.

The product contains 30 capsules, selling for only 14$. Going back to Supplement Mart, you can definitely save a lot with this deal because the ones on offer there cost a minimum of $18.50 up to $28.50.


Collagen supplementation to get better skin by slowing down its aging has been gaining traction due to plenty of compelling scientific facts. Studies can confirm that taking collagen, an integral component of the skin, can reduce the occurrence of dryness and wrinkles, which are the direct results of aging. 5 grams of collagen – or even only half of that amount – taken for eight weeks has been shown to bring about that exact effect in women.

Well, fans of this beauty supplement are in luck because Nature’s Way is selling them for bargain prices. It is not difficult to recommend the brand because it is known for using all-natural supplements. The collagen tablets it has for sale (60 per pack) for $15 instantly caught our eye because this is practically dirt-cheap for a product that is guaranteed to be mainly organic and usually costs thrice or four-fold that price.

The product is also being latently marketed as a beauty supplement, which only highlights the beneficial effects of collagen on the skin. Do take note, though, that collagen’s benefits extend further than its proven beautifying effects. After all, it is also a competent pain reliever. However, you may have to increase your dosage.

That being said, do not expect the Nature’s Way product to provide additional benefits other than what it is being marketed for. If you do experience other benefits associated with collagen like bone loss prevention, heart booster, and muscle mass promoter, do not be surprised because multiple studies have already formed the said protein’s connections to them.

Parting Words

Always remember that supplements are termed as such because they are never supposed to take precedence over getting vitamins and minerals from natural sources. It is ultimately better to adopt a healthier diet than to completely rely on supplements to meet your body’s daily needs.

However, if you do have certain conditions like arthritis or hypertension, there is really no need to have qualms about taking research-backed supplements like glucosamine sulfate and fish oil. This only affirms the expert suggestion that most supplements should really only be taken to help curb a condition you are suffering from due to a lack of a specific nutrient.

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Online Casino- Real Money-Making Place https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/online-casino-real-money-making-place/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/online-casino-real-money-making-place/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 22:44:43 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274245  Online gaming system takes place in every person device that is easy to run and easy to play without going to any other place. That online game system is widely spread all over the world. People who get some timeand go at any game café to play the games are replaced with this online system. Which will never demand any space and the place as well. Just sit in the home and start playing any time as you want.

An Overview of online casino 

online casino is an online internet gaming system that provides a huge platform to the players tomakemoney as well. Yes, this is the system that is well known at the international level and give some more money to the players when they start playing the games.Playing online casino provides allots of fun and information at the time. That offers the platform for experienced players to do gambling and make money online. The main reason for casino popularity is the basic rules of the gaming system is the same as we play offline. The main difference is that it provides the hug variety through the internet.

Which Games Offer by Online Casino

There are allots of games offered by the online gaming system. Here are all those games which are most popular and likes by many players.

  • Slots

This is known as the fruit machine as well as an online casino gambling machine that provides a great opportunity to the gambler to come and play on the full-screen resolution.

  • Roulettes

This casino game is based on the small wheel and the ball. That wheel is usually come in red and black colour and shows an even or odd number as well.

  • BlackJack

This card game is based on the American rules that play within the cards, players and the dealers with specific percentages.

  • Baccarat

Another one card game that is based on the player and banker. The total closet is nine and if the number shows eight and nine than the games goes towards the player favour.

  • Bingo

Bingo is the game of chance in which player match the different number and draw the random lines. One who meets the lines fist will surely win that game.

Is Online Casino GivesMoney

Yes, this gaming system ism popular enough at a worldwide level that gives real money to the valid player. As well that online casino provides the bonus and many other chances to play at a big platform and win the money.

Tips for Online Casino

Before playing in this platform, you should be surely go through some tips that will able to give help as well. That tips are based on the rules and the online gaming system for the gamblers, which helps too.

  1. Select Known Game

Rather than start playing any random game. You should firstlysearch out the best game according to your interest. Get the rules., the practice’s all the time and gets complete command on the game which you wants to play.

  1. Learn Casino GamePlans

Yes, you should be learning the strategy of casino games before start playing that games, when you go through the game plans and know that which type of system offers by online casino than the steps will easier.

  1. Chose Authentic Website

Yes, this is matter allots when you start playing the games. Many sites are just fake that will never give any rewards to the players. So, you should get the real and authentic place like 카지노사이트 Which is trusted and registered.

  1. Play More Spend Less

The best way of a successful gambler is to play with smart tricks and wants to know all those rules which work to get more with less time. Start from the low budget and each at the maximum level when you feel that you are a successful player.

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Ollia Tzarina on EURONEWS channel https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/ollia-tzarina-on-euronews-channel/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/ollia-tzarina-on-euronews-channel/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 15:36:44 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274241 So i just watched Euronews channel and as i was sipping on my late night tea , a beautiful girl popped out on my telly , perfect face, perfect body from what i could tell 😉 then she spoke , one word : brain. The journalist tried to bomb her with questions that most people would shy over but Ollia has a natural talent to avoid what she does not want to answer and direct the interview where she wants to. I was impressed so much i decided to write an article and research that girl. So she is 30, studied in a catholic boarding school in Surrey , UK, had her internships at Vogue magazine and Tatler . Then , thats where it gets interesting: she launched a brand Tzarina By Ollia and within months it was seen on the likes of Mary J Blige , and Beyonce . She then sold the brand once the industry has shifted to the fake fur and went on to getting a Pakistani billionaire partner called Asghar Khan based in Lahore , and they bought Argan oil fields in Morocco and are now launching a luxury organic skin care called BIO LAB EXOTIQUE. How is this girl not a superstar yet? Linked to a Juventus superstar and a Moto GP pilot , having been covered by Daily Mail and Vogue , and being on MTV Lebanon and Euronews . We need to stop making stupid people super famous! And bring in people who bring value to the world! For more details: http://www.olitzari.com/

Why should Kardashians be famous because their sister showed us her private bits ? Why are the Hadids famous because their dad paid for his daughters to have 50 plastic surgeries so Bella looks like a different person . Why is Sophia Ritchie famous ? Because her father is Lionel ? I dont agree . A girl who lunched her brand in her bedroom and within 2 years was invited by Euronews channel for her achievements , who looks naturally gorgeous , who is trying to give people something that is sustainable with her skin care , she deserves to have the world wide fame . She has my vote .

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Advantages of having composite decking at your place https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/advantages-of-having-composite-decking-at-your-place/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/advantages-of-having-composite-decking-at-your-place/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 13:19:34 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274236 Now a days, people do not like to have the same old house pattern as we had in our childhood, outdoors are given immense importance because sitting up in a highly stacked office has promoted this idea of open houses.

Now, outdoor lawns gardens are trending, even the composite decking news are also trending on ads and social media. Who wants to have a mundane outdoor? Family gatherings, kitty parties and other family fun activities all need a very conducive environment, which is durable and safe at the same time.

What are composite decks?

Composite decks can be introduced as a synthetic wood, it is the mixture of various types of strong and reliable types of woods.

There are various types of woods for composite deck as well, this will depend upon the type of mixture woods.

Still, a lot of people think that composite deck is not a good option and various weather conditions demand a strong type of composite deck. In each region, there are a lot of weather variation and same sort of wood deck cannot serve in each region.

Here are some reasons to pick composite decks as your new outdoor plan.

1. Maintenance

You may not realize it, but you will gradually know it after having a composite deck at your lawn. You do not need to paint it or polishing it.

The wood planks are polished and readymade, a lot of deck are known for a maintenance free system for more than 25 years.

It means that once you have paid for the fixing of a wooden composite deck, you won’t need to fix it ever again, even if you want to change the color of the base then you can call a painter otherwise these composite decks are already painted and polished.

2. Look

Composite decks can be very attractive, if you have got a few wall hangings and a plant hanger along the roof of the deck.

The saturated grain of the wood and polish each particle of a high quality wooden plank will add quality look to your outdoors.

3. Affordable

You must be thinking that having a luxury at your house will cost you much, but guess what there are multiple ways for paying for it.

Moreover, it wont cost you much, a swimming pool in your lawn can cost you 3 times more than a composite deck.

They are made up of recycled wood, this makes them super incredible and affordable. so you must not worry about the price of the wooden structure, your lovely house will have, the best option for a good and admirable lawn is in fact this composite deck, even in hotels when people say that the outdoor is amazing I just wonder how smart was the owner.

4. Environment friendly

Composite decks are made through recycling old wood, this means that the old woods are not dumped, this makes them super incredible, the users can have a feeling of confidence while boosting about their composite deck.

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Best Online Startup Ideas for 2020 https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/best-online-startup-ideas-for-2020/ https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/01/19/best-online-startup-ideas-for-2020/#respond Sun, 19 Jan 2020 13:13:15 +0000 https://ventsmagazine.com/?p=274234 If you are fed up with 9 to 5 jobs, and you do not want to go to the office 5 days a week then the best thing to do is to get a good start up idea. I know a lot of people who have conceived a lot of ideas, but they think that the worth of their ideas is zero. I have seen people with the best ideas who are earning the dream figure of their life, such as the CEO of Bruc bond. 

Now, things have changed a lot, even the conventional businesses are relying 60 percent on online businesses. Your business endorsement and marketing are only possible through internet and social media. 

You need to use this platform if you want trust from the client’s side, in this article we will discuss what sort of business ideas are the best for this new year. 

I believe that each one of us decides about his new year resolution and having a start up idea if you are in your early 20s, is the bets type of new year resolution. Businesses can be very risky but the chance of growth in a good business is beyond imagination, you ought to hit at the right place. Your strategies must be according to your observations. 

Selling Info 

Now a days, people love to get info through internet, if you feel that you have got some good skills you must show them to the world. 

You must contact a web developer; they must be hired for constant support. Moreover, you must make videos in which you will be sharing knowledge about your skills and ideas. 

Affiliate Websites 

There are a lot of online virtual selling websites such as amazon, which need sites where there will be a lot of products for sale along with reviews and guides. 

You can create a website which has got several guides regarding a decided niche, these guides can have reviews for certain products which can help the main market sites in getting increased number of clients. They will pay you a fixed commission for each purchase which any buyer will pay after learning through your website. 

Membership Sites 

This idea is similar to selling info and skill, but this can be a good idea for professionals. You are supposed to use your degrees here. 

If you have earned some good degrees and think that you must apply in some prestigious institutes then wait and think of this opportunity at your home. 

You must create a site or ask a friend for opening up an online school, in developed countries there are specific rules for approving such schools, but still it is a success. On each membership you will be paid and for each month course you will have to charge the students. It will be like a virtual school. 

Graphic Designing 

Graphic designing is the most important thing now, you cannot make ads, videos or any sort of publication which is the undisputed necessity for each business without graphics. 

If you have got a knack of designing, then you must not let this opportunity go, there is a huge loophole which needs to be filled. 


A lot of things come under this, you can be a social media manager, a virtual manager a search engine optimization controller and a content writer as well. 

Freelancing requires a lot of talents, I won’t recommend people to get stuck with only one skill, you must earn and invest in yourself and then think of having a business. 

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