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What is Caricature in Art

When was the last time you saw a caricature? Do you often see a caricature artist draw in public places? It is always fun watching an artist at work, especially if the artwork displays uniqueness, exaggeration, or even distortion similar to caricature art. Meanwhile, caricature in art offers a comically, …

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Agile Development & Training

Agile training and scrum training go hand in hand, as they’re essentially the same thing, however, the common everyday worker often doesn’t know exactly what agile development itself is unless they’re trained to do so. In this guide we’re going to tell you what agile development is all about, because …

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How To Choose The Perfect Wine At Any Restaurant

With 30% of Americans being frustrated, or even confused by wine menus at restaurants, it’s clear that choosing the perfect wine can be a daunting process. After all, it can be hard to settle on just one for the entire meal – though it’s entirely possible with some basic wine knowledge …

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The Trend of Magnetic Glass Boards Vs Traditional Boards

 If you frequent an educational institute, you are probably accustomed to whiteboards being used for teaching. But educational institutes are not the only ones making use of this traditional presentation or note-making procedure. A lot of people keep small whiteboards at their homes. They either put it in their home …

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Top 5 Luxury Additions to Your Home

The average homeowner dreams of all the luxury additions to his/her house they have seen in the luxury estates on TV or in magazines. However, a tennis court or an Olympic-size swimming pool might be too much for your home improvement budget. On the other side, there are some luxury …

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