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Top 5 Chrome Flags Everyone Must Use

Chrome has risen as one of the most famous and most utilized browsers on the planet. As we all are aware that Chrome comes with so many significant features yet not very many realize that it has some concealed features too which are not visible to users. In case you …

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Limits of functions

The theory of limits of functions is a significant part of calculus. It is very important for JEE aspirants to have a very clear idea about concepts of limits. Students can expect 2-3 questions from the limits chapter. Concept of limits Consider the function f(x) = x3. As x takes …

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What is the Salesforce Platform App Builder Training

The Salesforce Platform App Builder is said to be the top certification. Within Salesforce, the term “Declaratively” is referred to as a difference between programmatic meaning (utilizing both Apex & Visualforce coding) and point & click building applications. It is not required to have programming skills and detailed knowledge to …

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What is a Robotic Arm and How Does it Work?

The advances of technology in the field of robotics every day offers us a wide variety of inventions. It also provides different types of machines. These inventions have a primary purpose: to aid mechanical work in factories. Among the most prominent machines we can specify: The Robotic Arm Another name …

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Is AI the Next Digital Frontier?

At one point, AI or artificial intelligence was something that only existed in movies and the minds of science fiction writers, but that is no longer the case. AI is here in various ways, and while it still doesn’t resemble what you might see in movies, it is still affecting …

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3 Technologies Disrupting the Logistics Industry

The fast pace of technological evolution is certainly pushing the limits and transforming the way business is conducted across the world today. Nowadays, people are used to everything being online and instantly accessible at their fingertips. E-commerce companies are now able to deliver a package less than one hour after …

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