Wilfredo Keng: Fight for justice has ended!

The fight between businessman Wilfredo Keng and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa has reached its conclusion after the Manila Regional Trial Court announced their verdict with Ressa guilty of the cyber libel charges on Monday, June 15. “Today, with the judgment of conviction against Ressa and Santos promulgated by the Hon. …

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Hiring a criminal defense lawyer

There comes a time when a person gets charged with criminal activity, and he is looking for a possible way to get out of such circumstances. In such cases, a criminal defense lawyer can help you to check the legal system carefully. A criminal defense lawyer is necessary for you …

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How to Create a Limited Liability Company?

In recent years, Limited Liability Company (LLC) has become the most famous legal structure for businesses especially small businesses looking for flexibility and personal protection for liability. Limited Liability Company provides limited liability, taxation, management, fewer hassles, flexibility in allocation, and pass-through taxation. LLC is relatively easy to create and …

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