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Living as a Trans Woman in North America

North America is an incredibly diverse continent with multiple cultures and communities. Often, their views are more progressive because of the many people who bring new ideas to the forefront. However, is this also the case for trans women who live in North America? Are their experiences different from trans …

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What do I do if I have been charged with a crime?

The criminal justice system has different procedures and rules in different jurisdictions. However, various general rules are prevalent throughout these jurisdictions. The process starts when one is arrested, stopped by the police on suspicion of committing a felony or an arrest warrant is issued. The police have the responsibility to …

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Web Hosting Industry Transformations With AI

These past few years, we’ve watched and experienced the rise of the new digital industrial technology. In other words, Industry 4.0, and when it comes to that, AI pops in mind. The whole online industry has been transformed because of it, and that includes web hosting. The web hosting industry …

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