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Vents Mag – Sick Music

How To Find The Perfect Band For Your Wedding

There’s no party at a wedding reception without an awesome wedding band. Afterall, it’s their job to get guests on their feet, top buttons undone, heels off and all. As such, for your big day to be a success, it’s vital that you pick the right band for your tastes, …

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How Good Music Helps You Study

If you keenly observe people walking on the streets, you will find that a considerable percentage have earphones on. This is proof enough that songs are an essential part of our day to day lives. Listening to music while studying is something that most people do. This paper will try …

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Inspiratie voor je bedankjes na een zomers huwelijk

Als huwelijkskoppel geef je de gasten een klein geschenkje mee naar huis om hen te bedanken voor hun aanwezigheid op het feest en als aandenken aan jullie mooiste dag. Sommige bedankjes kunnen tijdens het feest zelf al gebruikt worden en zijn dus zowel functioneel als een herinnering, andere geef je …

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Znajdź Idealny strój dla Dziewczynki – Praktyczne Wskazówki

Często zastanawiamy się jak ubrać naszą pociechę na przyjęcie weselne, co zrobić, aby nie popełnić błędu? Jakie są obowiązujące trendy i ramy, których należy się trzymać? Poniżej kilka praktycznych wskazówek dla każdego rodzica. Wybieranie stroju na wesele i ślub nie należy do łatwych zadań. Wydaje się, że powinno być wręcz …

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Must-watch films about finance

There is more to the financial world than suits and ties hurrying up and down business districts with papers falling out of briefcases and jargon filling the ambience of busy offices. Typically portrayed as a competitive, ruthless industry in shiny, plush settings, the world of finance often makes for entertaining …

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The continued push of eco-friendly products

There continues to be more and more of a push for eco-friendly products. This has never been of more importance, with programmes like David Attenborough’s Blue Planet demonstrating the impact of plastic waste on our planet. Also, showing the continuing depletion of resources through this unstainable living. However, through all …

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5 Top ways to generate new leads

Generating leads is a top priority for any business and even more so when it comes to a small business. Luckily, there are many ways that you can approach getting leads both quickly and effectively. Whether this be simply hiring a business development agency and these are a good example, …

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Features of Slot Games

Features in games are probably the most exciting aspect of slot machines, next to hearing the jingles from winning the jackpot that is. Over the years slots have gone through an amazing transformation, originally slots would offer their winnings in sweets, then it moved to actual money but there was …

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