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Vents Mag – Sick Music

Stavros & Alec Chambers Unite For “Starting Fires”


Stavros and Alec Chambers have both definitely made a name for themselves over the past 12 months, by way of the funky beats and signature vocal stylings. Now they’ve teamed up for collaborative single “Starting Fires,” out now via Sony Music. “Starting Fires” has glossy production from the NYC  based …

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JAIME Pushes New Boundaries Via “With You”


JAIME’s new single “With You” has just been released. The producer, who hails from South Germany, has produced this single in collaboration with KEMELION. We loved his “Everything100” that was dropped last year, and this is another wicked cut. Retro-inspired synths and clean, crisp future bass stylings are put side …

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Top 5 musicians who rock the casino world

Music and casinos go well together. It is not a surprise why a number of music casino games have gained popularity over the years. So, it is hardly surprising to see prominent musicians trying to rock the casino world when they are not really singing. Nelly In the casino world, …

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Junge Junge & Jamie Hartman Have “Wicked Hearts”

Junge Junge

Moving forward from global successes like “Beautiful Girl” and “Run Run Run,” the electronic pairing Junge Junge have just produced a new track. The co-creator of The Backstreet Boy’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” Jamie Hartman, is a featuring artist on the release. Junge Junge has been making music since …

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Tips For A Speedy Recovery From Injury

If you’ve been hurt in any way, there are two things which will bring you back to homeostasis more effectively than anything else. You need proper nutrition and activity. In terms of nutrition, avoid all artificial foodstuffs, chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, and hormones. Eat natural, and food that will go bad …

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3 Tips for Finding the Right Doctor

Many of us feel that finding a new doctor is a challenging experience to say the least. Maybe you’re looking for a general practitioner for regular checkups, blood pressure tests, cholesterol checks, and more. Or maybe you need a specialist – someone that can help you and manage your hearing …

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