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SINGLE REVIEW: What You’re Looking For by Bree Taylor

“What You’re Looking For” is the newest single from Canadian singer/songwriter Bree Taylor and should serve as evidence of the quality awaiting listeners with her upcoming debut EP. Taylor first garnered notice for her singing talents before her seventh birthday when she joined the school choir and, since then, has …

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CD REVIEW: Everybody Move by Man Called Noon

What is it the best amount of songs an album should have? Is it there a particular? Does it matter? I believe a music record is a like a movie. If you take too long, you might end up boring people no matter how beautiful and outstanding the music is, …

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CD REVIEW: Downtown by Joe Olnick Band

The guitar, along with the vocals is one of the greatest instruments ever created. Please drummers or bass players get offended – but except perhaps for the piano and obviously the vocals, a great use of this usually 6 strings power machine can easily mean world domination… or something close …

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CD REVIEW: Shofar Self-titled EP

What makes Rock music one of the best genres out there? Many will have a different answer, some might even say that Rock isn’t the best genre out there. Fair enough. But getting back to my question, I believe the answer for me it would be its diversity. Throughout its …

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CD REVIEW: Deep In The Water by J. Briozo

What comes from the ashes, sometimes is better than the ashes itself. An overlooked, deep phrase that describes the side projects by many band members. This new journey where we get to meet the artist behind our favourite band. Sometimes the result is quite familiar, almost like a direct follow …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Love’s For Living by Amilia K Spicer

Amilia K. Spicer is engaging life and her art. Her voyage from a near East Coast upbringing to the comparatively arid climes of Texas has included illuminating excursions to far flung locals like Southeast Asia, among other places. She’s graced the stages of the Kennedy Center and the Main Stage …

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CD REVIEW: O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Shauna Burns

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” from her new album A Winter Gathering marks the first release from singer/songwriter Shauna Burns since her recent re-envisioning of the traditional folk stalwart “Scarborough Fair” and another high point in an increasingly impressive career. Burns is a couple of years now into the second …

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