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CD REVIEW: Elise by Damon Mitchell

We absolutely love hearing a song utilizing the harmonica. Let’s face it – the harmonica seems like an easy instrument to learn but it’s quite complex once you try it out. Now, it’s even more difficult when it’s not the only instrument you’re holding, let alone playing. Damon Mitchell just …

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Neko X James releases “Automatic” (Feat. Travis Atreo)

If you’ve been following the pop underground lately, you’ve no doubt heard about the forthcoming collaborative singles from sonic scholars Neko X James, the first of which, “Automatic (featuring Travis Atreo),” is being released this March. With all of the buzz surrounding the project, I wasn’t sure what to expect …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Up & Down by Meghan Timony

Enchanted – that’s the first word that comes to mind when listening to “Up & Down” by Meghan Timony. Well, why the word enchanted? We were literally under a spell listening to the sultry voice of Meghan. We were taken for a ride by her soothing voice as it is …

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Club Paradise Release ‘Kirby Keger’

It has been a fast ascent for Newcastle based Club Paradise. Having released their debut single in July of last year, the band have already gone on to share the stage with Saint Raymond, Only The Poets and Larkins.. With heavy rotation from BBC Introducing and a slew of confirmed …

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DR King Releases New EP

The Voice brought DR King’s signature sound into our homes and left us begging for more. Now, in his brand new EP It’s My Life, he intends to fill our hearts with a pristine poetry that is his and his alone, and though it comes on the heels of two heavily-buzzed singles that set …

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Steel Blossoms’ release LP

In a solemn streak of a melody, the fiddle that introduces us to Steel Blossoms’ “Revenge” slices through the remains of “You’re the Reason I Drink” and reverberates into the ethers for what feels like an eternity. After nearly twenty seconds of increasing the tension all around us, the strings …

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Across the Board Release New Album “Wild Ones”

Following a spoken prologue, Across the Board’s new album Wild Ones bursts into fluorescent flames in its title track, effectively reaching through our speakers and inviting us into their dreamy world of graceful melodies and loveably contemplative lyrics. Living up to its title, “Wild Ones” throttles us in a hundred different directions …

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