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CD REVIEW: A Thousand Shades by Robert LaRoche

The first few bars of Robert LaRoche’s “Seeds of Doubt” don’t waste any time seducing us with their exquisite, lush strings and patchwork of soft, breezy beats, but as listeners will soon find, these wondrous strands of alternative Americana are only a glimpse into what LaRoche’s new EP, A Thousand Shades, …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Cali Queen by James Cole

In his new single and music video “Cali Queen,” talented up and comer James Cole combines slick hip-hop beats with a graceful R&B serenade. Right out of the gate, we’re washed in a colorful, textured vocal harmony that will become the central foundation for the entire track. The instrumental arrangement …

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Jaco releases new album “You Know”

Synthesizers come into focus with a piercing melody as we dive into the opening track of Jaco’s new album You Know, “On the Ground,” and after a tension-building introduction marred in discordant drumming and melancholic instrumental moans, a white-hot riff enters the picture and brings with it a steady rhythm. It …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Grab The Moon (Remix) by Annamay

Annamay is a country/rock/pop artist that decided to take her talents down a new path to with her remix of “Grab The Moon”. How exciting of a time it is to see an artist take such a leap of faith to attempt her skillset towards something new. “Grab The Moon” …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Fifty One Fifty by Dirty Chime

“Fifty One Fifty” is the brand new song from Electronic-Pop artist, Dirty Chime – the brainchild of solo artist Thomas Clayton, writing lyrics from personal experiences that touch on sensitive subjects such as mental health, medicating/over-medicating and escapism. This brings us to what “Fifty One Fifty” actually refers to, the …

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SINGLE REVIEW: If Love Comes To Call by Lorenzo Iannotti

Lorenzo Iannotti is an Australian singer-songwriter whose first pop release earlier this year, Now and Forever, saw him attract not only the attention of radio stations in the US but record labels also. He’s since signed with G.I. Records and music publisher Soda Box Music and has just released his …

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Zāna releases “Nah” single

Zāna’s musical career is very young, but she already shows signs of having the necessary skill to ensure staying power in an increasingly competitive world. Her latest single in the “gypsy pop” vein, a genre melding elements of Latin music with Arabic leanings, “Nah” is a natural progression from her …

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Giadora deserves major props for “Twisted”

Giadora deserves major props for “Twisted”. I like great songs about love gone wrong, there’s always a flash of nasty edge found in those tunes that, if nothing else does, convinces you the singer has lived through those hard times and can now tell the tale. There’s a lot more …

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Chris Douglas releases debut single

Country music is as celebrated by those who can’t get enough of its easygoing beats as it is, most often, geared towards one specific audience in particular, but in singer/songwriter Chris Douglas’ new single “Ain’t Getting Any Younger,” we find someone with a diverse enough palate to win over country, …

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