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The Criticals release Mimosa Hygiene (EP)

Formed in 2018, The Criticals are a Nashville based rock duo combining the musical and songwriting talents of Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart. They cite a variety of influences on their output ranging from The Doors to Jane’s Addiction, but they have established their own creative identity a little more …

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B Fhukken Have drops new Single

A menacing laughter greets us as the opening salvo of piano play enters the fold in “Babyfood,” the new single from B Fhukken Have, and with a beat the size of skyscraper circling the bottom of the master mix, we’re instantly hypnotized by a stream of rapping and righteous harmony …

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CD REVIEW: Schizophonic by Scizzorman

“Introvert”, the first side of Scizzorman’s latest release Schizophonic, opens with the track “21st Century Clan”. The track’s spoken word introduction segues into a clean funk groove highlighted by a tight relationship between the bass and Terry Vinci’s drumming. The brittle slash of guitar fills punctuates the arrangement before the vocals begin. …

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Jeremy Rice release debut album

From the jittery, palm-muted textures that greet us in “Johnny Rogers” to the glittery, soft harmonies that slowly disappear as “Goodbye” fades into the mist, Jeremy Rice’s debut album, Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa, is an awfully tough LP to put down once listeners embrace its myriad of …

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Jeff Goldblum Has Another Jazz Album, But To What End?

Jeff Goldblum has cultivated quite the aura around himself. Make no mistake, it is an act of cultivation. That’s totally fine, by the way. He’s a celebrity, he’s an actor, he’s a public figure. It seems like he enjoys it, and it seems like there is clearly sincerity there. Jeff …

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