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CD REVIEW: Midlife Dreams by Makk

Makk is becoming one of the hottest names in Germany and he is slowly but surely getting his name recognized here in the States. What does that mean to us? It means that this German producer has a release that will determine if he’s here to stay and be a …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Good Day by Cale

The new single from Chinese hip hop artist Cale Yuan, performing under the name Cale, is entitled “Good Day” and represents the next big step for a career that’s been experiencing a steady rise since before his twentieth birthday. Now twenty-four years old, Cale’s previous singles like 2013’s “Boston” and …

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CD REVIEW: Swan and Wolf by Nathaniel Bellows

Poet, visual artist, novelist, and musician. Nathaniel Bellows doesn’t wear any of these hats more adroitly than the others but, instead, seems to possess a centralized talent manifesting itself through a variety of stylistic avenues. The lyrics for his second musical collection, Swan and Wolf, aren’t far removed from his …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Light of Day by Bruce Gibson

“Light of Day” from Bruce Gibson’s new album Moments in Between is an ideal single from an album that should solidify Gibson’s standing as one of the finest songwriters working today, regardless of scene. There’s tangible substance to this single that never overreaches its ability in an effort to leave …

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CD REVIEW: Back to the Radio by Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander’s “Back to the Radio” comes off his debut solo album Long Road Coming Home and his creative partnership with producer Gabe Lopez will make a deep impact on anyone willing to give the song a chance. Alexander isn’t pursuing music exclusively, he holds an anesthesiology practice in southern …

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CD REVIEW: No Mud In Joyville by JW Schuller

In these days where Folk music seems like it has found its well-deserved spot on the mainstream conscious, many artists and bands that may or may have never got involved with the genre before are hoping to use their fiddle skills to breakthrough. Some, like Mumford and Sons or The …

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