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Vocal legend Hughie Mac releases “Let’s Get Away”

The piano purrs with passion. The drums swaggeringly click into place whilst their percussive volley with the bassline forms the most fetching of rhythms. There’s no virtuosity, no augmented sonic depth. There’s just an all-natural harmony that Hughie Mac and his backing band are striking up in his new single, …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Halcyon Days by Davie Simmons

Seldom will you hear songs like Davie Simmons’ “Halcyon Days” in 2019 or beyond. This is a track out of time, in many respects, and recalls an era in popular music when songwriters aspired to daring heights that contemporary practitioners rarely dare aiming for. San Leandro, California based Simmons and …

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Peter Muller Drops New Single “Let You In”

Where to start when it comes to Peter Muller, is not an easy thing because this isn’t just a music artist, but his latest single “Let You In” opened the door for me and can do the same for anyone. The rest is another story, equally fascinating but only some …

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Vertigo, the brand new album from Nicholas Altobelli

Vertigo, the brand new album from Nicholas Altobelli, starts us off with a pendulous ballad in “Red, White, And Blues,” and amidst its measured strut we get to hear some of this singer/songwriter’s smoothest crooning to date. This vocal showcase is followed by an equally spellbinding number in the folky …

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CD REVIEW: Gravity and Friction by King Ropes

The slow strut of a gentle drumbeat opens Gravity and Friction’s first track, “Saint Peter,” and while the tempo of this opening cut from King Ropes’ second studio album is rather sluggish, the harmonies that it measuredly propels into the air around us instantly sweep us off our feet. We’re lazily …

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Good Service is Serenading Us

It’s not always easy to tell what Good Service is serenading us with in some of the songs on his new album Please, such as in tracks like the delicate “Washington Avenue” and crisp lead singles “MaPaw” and “Summer Muses,” but in all actuality, the words this experimentalist sings aren’t the …

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Glom unleash the jittery pop gem “Forlorn”

With rapid-fire adrenaline, Glom unleash the jittery pop gem “Forlorn,” one of the ten songs comprising their debut album Bond, but as listeners who explore the tracklist of this amazing record will find, the glistening grooves and cutting riffage that we encounter in this piece represent only a fraction of what …

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CD REVIEW: A Thousand Shades by Robert LaRoche

The first few bars of Robert LaRoche’s “Seeds of Doubt” don’t waste any time seducing us with their exquisite, lush strings and patchwork of soft, breezy beats, but as listeners will soon find, these wondrous strands of alternative Americana are only a glimpse into what LaRoche’s new EP, A Thousand Shades, …

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