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SINGLE REVIEW: Love Me More by Domini Monroe

Like the first few notes we hear before the deluge of audiological lust that comes screaming out of the ethers at the start of a grand symphony, the opening bars of Domini Monroe’s “Love Me More” are as telling as they are deftly erotic and evocative. We’re instantly drawn in with the …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Lo Siento by Destiny Malibu

Like a flickering flame suddenly doused with gasoline, Destiny Malibu’s “Lo Siento” comes to life out of nowhere and immediately forces anyone listening to its vivacious beat to the edge of their seats, but despite the seductive nature of its opening bars, the real magic in this single doesn’t truly …

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The Deer’s Cry release “Rise With the Dawn” Single

The song title sounds like an exhortation and there is a strong quality of that audible throughout the entirety of the track. The Deer’s Cry’s “Rise With the Dawn” doesn’t resort to chest-beating theatrics to invoke some kind of call to arms but, instead, they adopt a more nuanced approach …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Big Mouth Small Brain by Kevin Hockaday

A boldly stylized bassline can make all the difference in the world in electronic music, and in the case of Kevin Hockaday’s “Big Mouth Small Brain,” it’s as defining a sonic element as it gets. Oddly captivating in its non-linear aesthetic, the texture on the main bass part in “Big …

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Little King releases Occam’s Foil LP

After over two decades writing, recording, and playing music, listeners could forgive Ryan Rosoff’s Little King for showing possible signs of wear and tear. It is harder than ever before to ply one’s passions and trade in the music world and bands fall by the wayside each year. Little King …

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CD REVIEW: Thirty Curses Self-Titled Album

The Thirsty Curses are a 4 man rock-n-roll band based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Their new self-titled album provides a raw, unapologetic perspective on the roughness we all feel through the ins and outs in life. This musical masterpiece of an album draws from several genres – such as …

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Jonathan Emile is back

They’re ripping in one track, gentle in another. The start of a harmony in “Keep On Fighting,” the conclusion of a verse in “Moses.” These are the strings in Jonathan Emile’s new album Spaces-in-Between, and they’re as much the bedrock of every beat the record contains as the Emile’s own vocal …

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