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SINGLE REVIEW: Step It Up by Violeta Bozanic

Violeta Bozanic is wasting no time in firmly establishing her presence as a pop force to be reckoned with. This new track Step It Up follows the success of her three great singles All I Need, Jealous and Dance With You. Where those songs revealed a marked change compared to …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Don’t Stand a Chance by Mattia Pironti

Up and comer Mattia Pironti is back this fall with his stealthiest single yet in “Don’t Stand a Chance,” the first official cut off of his rookie release Mirror, and he’s justifiably getting a lot of accolades from critics over its content. “Don’t Stand a Chance” comes together slowly but surely, …

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The Criticals release Mimosa Hygiene (EP)

Formed in 2018, The Criticals are a Nashville based rock duo combining the musical and songwriting talents of Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart. They cite a variety of influences on their output ranging from The Doors to Jane’s Addiction, but they have established their own creative identity a little more …

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B Fhukken Have drops new Single

A menacing laughter greets us as the opening salvo of piano play enters the fold in “Babyfood,” the new single from B Fhukken Have, and with a beat the size of skyscraper circling the bottom of the master mix, we’re instantly hypnotized by a stream of rapping and righteous harmony …

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CD REVIEW: Schizophonic by Scizzorman

“Introvert”, the first side of Scizzorman’s latest release Schizophonic, opens with the track “21st Century Clan”. The track’s spoken word introduction segues into a clean funk groove highlighted by a tight relationship between the bass and Terry Vinci’s drumming. The brittle slash of guitar fills punctuates the arrangement before the vocals begin. …

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