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CD REVIEW: DreamEternalBliss’ Self-titled Album

DreamEternalBliss music takes ’80s new wave influences and wraps them up in a fresh, modern rock style. You’ll hear and feel some classic Euro-pop influences, but DreamEternalBliss doesn’t emulate those bands. This is fresh music with a nod to the past. There are big keyboards and sultry vocals, plus outstanding …

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CD REVIEW: Me Right Now by Hannah Ayrault

Hannah Ayrault is here on her own merits. The Detroit native’s debut EP Me Right Now isn’t a product of crass calculation or paint by numbers nonsense. It embraces modern sounds, it tackles common lyrical subjects, and definitely wants to be liked – but never pretends to be anything it …

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Under the Bodhi Tree drops EP

Esco Santerio was a prophet. He foretold of a day when two young men embark on a quest for musical enlightenment. In the same place Buddha embarked on his 49 day journey, Under the Bodhi Tree has created a sacred place of musical exploration, comprising of Duncan Newland-Thompson, Jaymic Volz …

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CD REVIEW: Shine by Claudia Norris

Claudia Norris first broke onto the scene in 2007 when she started uploading her own self-penned and composed songs to Youtube. The videos started gaining popularity and a head of steam which has led the Edmonton (Canada) native to recording three varied EPs across recent years. The latest of these …

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CD REVIEW: New Beginnings by Josh Phillips

The debut release from Josh Phillips has, indeed, a fresh melodic sheen quite unlike other young country music performers today. This six song collection casts him in the mold of country music balladeer, but Phillips unveils an assortment of sides to his musical persona. It’s quite refreshing to hear a …

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CD REVIEW: Nubinway by Adam Levy

As front man and primary songwriter for The Honeydogs, Adam Levy has carved out an understated but sturdy spot as one of America’s best kept songwriting secrets. We live in diffuse times and the frantic pace of modern life means we often can’t hear their voices above the growing din, …

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CD REVIEW: Classic Breeze by Gnarly Karma

Gnarly Karma are an often surprising four piece rock band from the New York City area and their debut album, Classic Breeze, does a superb job of condensing their sound into eight full length songs. Even a brief listen to their material will reveal half dozen musical influences to music …

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