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SINGLE REVIEW: If I May by Chasing Velvet

In their debut single “If I May,” Australian sensations Chasing Velvet introduce us to the two impeccably talented performers behind the band through a litany of colorful textures and sounds that comprise their identity and direction as artists and entertainers. Their style is firmly planted in the soul category, while …

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CD REVIEW: Pull Awake by June Star

Baltimore and Maryland especially have a very deep, intricate musical history. From the extensive scene of hard rock and old school heavy metal worship that spawned greats like The Obsessed and Spirit Caravan to the legendary DC punk scene and unknown blues rock greats like Hillow Hammet from 1969, there …

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CD REVIEW: The Privateer by The Tosspints

http://thetosspints.com/ This surly, salty trio from Saginaw, Michigan ignores the pop punk movement of the last twenty years and takes the sound back to its raw roots with some intricate and intertwining melodic movements sprinkled here and there. It’s not so hard as to be labelled “hardcore punk” but you …

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CD REVIEW: 29:11 by One From Many

https://www.facebook.com/ofmmusic/ One From Many have endured an artistic and personal journey to arrive at their newest release, 29:11. The five song EP follows up their critically acclaimed full-length debut The Alleged Album in a resounding fashion and proves their metamorphosis from their former configuration called FarCry into this new direction …

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CD REVIEW: Tigress by Azaima Anderson

http://azaima.com/   Tasked with reviewing three albums from this artist, having listened to all three at this point, but only reviewed one other before this one, I would have to say that of the three, this is the best album. It’s really the most consistent and has some of the …

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CD REVIEW: Tales of the Aftermath by Courtney Chambers

http://www.courtneychambers.net/ Talent is key, but dedication is crucial. Courtney Chambers has proven, if nothing else, that her commitment to writing and recording top shelf material will never dim. Her decade plus long career began with the 2001 release of Imperfect like Me on her own label Royal Daughter Records and …

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CD REVIEW: Nio Self-titled EP

From San Francisco comes the dark and ambitiousNio, with their impressive and artistic self-titled EPaimed for the prog-rock jugular. Fans of Pelican, Cloudkicker and Russina Circles will no doubt find an instant connection to Nio’s beautifully dark sound. It takes a certain type of listener to embrace any song that …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Losing Me by Lauria

When an artist goes out on a limb and tries something new, they get one of two reaction. Either we, the press and the listeners together, are scornful of their decision to be different, or we instantly give them the admiration that we give to any forerunner of a revolutionary …

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CD REVIEW: American Garden by Tom Guerra

Tom Guerra is not just a great rocker. He needs a new title or diagnosis. Considering his extraordinary eclecticism, maybe we should call what he has Multiple Musical Personality Disorder. That’s right. The East Coast hero is able to fire out  such a variety of styles any time the mood …

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