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CD REVIEW: Radiate Dissolve by Rogue Valley

The Minnesota five piece, fronted by songwriter/guitarist Chris Koza and keyboardist Linnea Mohn sharing the lead vocal work, has garnered considerable consumer and critical notice in recent years. Their ascent in American popular music has seen their songwriting featured in various media outlets and on major motion picture soundtracks. The …

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CD REVIEW: Focus #2 by The Ann Wilson Thing!

The latest release from Heart’s lead singer Ann Wilson under the banner of The Ann Wilson Thing, Focus #2, might strike many new listeners as unsettlingly abrupt. Instead, however, it represents a sharpening of focus all great artists experience from time to time. The detritus of commercial success is a …

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Cody Webb drops EP

A working songwriter already, Cody Webb’s transition from working behind the scenes assisting other artists with material to an out front role as a performer comes off seamlessly. Webb is a born songwriter and the six tracks on his debut effort are sturdy testimony to his grasp of basic songwriting …

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CD REVIEW: Blood Like Wine by Angie and the Deserters

Few bands under the age of forty working today bring the goods with traditional American music like Angie and the Deserters. While some might hear this or earlier efforts and thoughtlessly lump them into the category of retro bands, it isn’t the whole story. The key element separating the work …

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CD REVIEW: Nobody Knows by Paul Klonschinsky

Paul Kloschinsky’s journey through the hinterlands of indie songwriting has been a slowly developing, under the radar story. His effort have produced five albums since his 2008 debut and the latest release, Nobody Knows, further builds on his well-established strengths while still serving up evidence of his expanding songwriting prowess. …

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CD REVIEW: Monument by Spark and Whisper

The initial acoustic patterns, well-bunkered bass lines and Appalachian blues guitars that open the title track from Spark and Whisper’s third disc Monument might have you think this act hails from south of the Mason Dixon.  Truth be told, Spark and Whisper are from California but they wear their blues/folk/country …

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CD REVIEW: Imagine: The Remixes by Sir Ivan

Be the change you seek. So many of us spend our days deriding the world’s ills, condemning the heartless, and yet take no quantifiable action to effect even incremental change to its influence in our lives. We offer rhetoric or indignation and nothing more. Ivan Wilzig, aka Sir Ivan, has …

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CD REVIEW: Out of the Shadows by Callie Hopper

Callie Hopper goes big with her second album. It’s clear that one major theme, at least, driving Out of the Shadows is Hopper’s desire to hit a long home run that firmly establishes her among the rising talents in Americana music today. Some might fear this leading to an overblown …

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CD REVIEW: Trois by Dave Diamond

You know one thing that bugs me the most? The way how such a perfect record can be turned into trash because there’s a consistency that makes it after few tracks, so boring. I could go on a rant rampage but you know what I mean, and it’s so sad …

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