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SINGLE REVIEW: Stand Up by Taste

Stand Up is the new single release for Australian band Taste. It follows on from their comeback album Rock Is Dead a few years back. Taste has a long history and is a much revered band on the Australian music landscape. Their story began when they were in their teens, …

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Walker’s Cay releases new music

Quality rock music is as much about energy as it is provocative riffing (despite what some of my critical peers like to claim from time to time). If you don’t have that special ‘it’ factor, no amount of talent can compensate for the critical deficit you’ll face, but that doesn’t …

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CD REVIEW: Tribulation by Appalachian Road Show

From the moment that those first few string-born sounds come creeping through our speakers up until the second they disappear behind a vocal harmony as tall as the very mountains its predecessors were conceived in, Appalachian Road Show’s Tribulation is almost sure to entice anyone who gives it a listen. Tribulation begins with an …

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Singer/Songwriter Mark Conklin release 6 track EP

Mark Conklin has taken more than a few years to reclaim the muse than once fired his life and imagination. He began his professional musical journey as a touring musician and Nashville songwriter before transitioning “behind the curtain” into artist management, championing talented newcomers, and as an industry executive. He …

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Heartour releases “R U IN” (LP)

In his fifth official studio album as Heartour, titled R U IN, Jason Young is determined to revisit the basic ideals that made synth-rock great in the first place. Right out of the gate in “Brain,” there’s a feeling that we’re listening to something really special, as everything from the …

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