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CD REVIEW: Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend

And just like that, they’re at it again. The offbeat, on-rhythm Vampire Weekend, creators of a genre all their own, which can only be described as African percussion meets optimistic indie-pop, are back in business with their new album Father of the Bride. The project comes not a second too …

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Tacocat’s New Album Is Far From A Mess

Can you make real catchy music, but also be kind of funny, but then also on top of that include some social commentary in your songs? The answer is, of course, yes. However, some people need more proof than others. As such, I would point you toward the band Tacocat. …

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Kingdom of Birds Releases EP

Strings dance through our speakers with a pendulous strut in the sonic noir that is “Your Friends.” With a spike of treble, they assault us with a harshness that is broken up by a somewhat robotic beat in “Dotted Lines.” “Goodbye” swings with a rollicking folk rhythm, and though it …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Para Ti by Labán

The devastatingly handsome drums that adorn the first ten seconds that we hear in Labán’s “Para Ti” don’t waste a moment before cultivating an erogenous beat that we’ll spend a little over four minutes consuming like a fine wine. An electric guitar emits a few glistening notes that hang over …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Mama by My Luv Notes

In her bold opening verse, singer/songwriter My Luv Notes whispers “Mama, I been tryin’ to write this song / To help me get along, but I keep on cryin’,” against the backdrop of a homespun violin and guitar harmony that is as studded with texture as her signature vocal is …

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