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CD REVIEW: Ordinary Man by Ozzy Osbourne

Fifty-seven years ago this year, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, and the man that would come to be known by many as the Face of Metal, Ozzy Osbourne, broke into the scene. Black Sabbath formed in Birmingham (that’s England for you scholars). In 1979 Osbourne was booted out of …

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JD Lion drops Northern Lights EP

Swelling from the silence like a nameless, placeless wave in the center of the ocean, we find a bittersweet, highly textured melody in the midst of the surreal backdrop afforded to “St. Catherine” that begs for us to turn up our stereos and examine its heady harmony for all of …

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Rickard’s 2018 album, Out Loud

In the last few years, the American indie underground has been producing some pretty interesting content, and among the pop genre, artists like Mike Rickard have been effectively changing the game with a mix of heartfelt poeticisms and harmony-driven hooks that have as much in common with old school composing …

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LUCKY STARS by Dan Ashley

Dan Ashley has certainly been making some great music in the last year, and with the release of his new single, titled “Lucky Stars,” he returns to the spotlight in 2020 with what might be his most distinctive sound yet. “Lucky Stars” is as close to a progressive pop composition …

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CD REVIEW: The Spell Between by Caroline Blind

The Spell Between is finally out – Caroline Blind’s epic 11-track album flush with evocative lyrics and rumbling rhythms. Fearless and unforgettable, Blind has already released two singles, “First” and “Need To Say”. By unveiling the remaining 9 songs, Blind showcases her penchant for immersing her listeners into her intoxicating …

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SINGLE REVIEW: No Hard Feelings by Izellah

The latest release from Izellah, one of Australia’s most promising musical exports is No Hard Feelings, a hook-laden piece of contemporary pop with an identifiable lyric and sophisticated production. The young singer-songwriter has released a string of catchy songs in the past year, including Hello, Glow, Treat You and Where …

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Karluca releases Piano Sentiments One LP

There is a variety of moods present throughout Karluca’s Piano Sentiments One and the opener “Amore” has an elegiac and inward looking tone undeniable from the first. Hearing this opening track alone provides plenty of evidence that Karluca has played music since six years old as he has advanced technique and confident, …

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Elsten Torres’ “Girl” is music that shimmers with love

Two-time Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Elsten Torres has released “Girl”, a song of magical poetry, sunbeam images and music that shimmers with love. The second song from his forthcoming album  At the end of love,  it hits home at several levels – musically, lyrically and emotionally.  Elsten can be – and …

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Dynamyte releases her new single “Show Me You”

“I’ve got so much feeling bubblin’ inside / And you seem surprised” croons a mischievous Dynamyte at the start of her new single “Show Me You,” her first release as a solo artist independent from the moniker she shares with her brother MkX, Michael & Marisa. This multi-instrumentalist and songwriter …

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