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British duo ooberfuse releases new Music

Whispered melodic vocals adorn a rigid bassline at the onset of Hal St John’s radio edit of “Call My Name,” one of five remixes of the new song from acclaimed British duo ooberfuse out now everywhere that indie music is sold and streamed. The soft serenade is glistening, intoxicating even, …

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Biglemoi’s brand new extended play Permanent Vacation

About fourteen-seconds into “Joyride,” the punky opening salvo of Biglemoi’s brand new extended play Permanent Vacation, a nervous beat is joined by an airy lead vocal that provides us a little bit of light in the dark sonic tunnel that the band has us traveling down. It isn’t long before smoking …

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Relic Kings drop new Single/Video

Steady but never shy about drifting away from the standard rock template, the beats that listeners encounter in Relic Kings’ “Blinded by the Sun” are bouncy, buoyant and full of a rare vitality that drives every stitch of audio in this single from the much buzzed Moose Factory-stationed band. A …

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2.O.F. drops new EP/Single

The problem that I, and a lot of other critics, have with modern electropop doesn’t really have anything to do with the artists responsible for its ongoing success. My issue is that, unlike 2.O.F., so few of the Tim Milliken-collaborative project’s contemporaries inject their music with the unfiltered emotion that …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Like In The Movies by Asha Vivian

The debut single by Australian singer-songwriter Asha Vivian has just been released and it’s sure to get a lot of attention across all platforms. Like In the Movies is a song that straddles the line between pop, RnB and indie with maturity and refinement despite the vaguely teen angst confessional …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Flooded Field by Caracol

There are a number of attributes about Caracol’s “Flooded Field” capturing my attention. The fluid integration of disparate styles like electronic pop and reggae, her spot on vocals, evocative yet minimalist lyrics, and Detroit hip hop performer Illa J’s guest appearance are among them. Caracol draws upon a vast wealth …

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SINGLE REVIEW: Something Wrong With Me by Jacques Gaines

Jacques Gaines’ “Something Wrong with Me” is an overall outstanding single from his first solo release in many years titled Volume Won. Gaines interrupted his journey through the music world a number of years ago after the early flush of a musical career faded into disappointment and disillusionment and broadened his …

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