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Allocai releases Hush Single

Some art is born from pain. This is not an universal truth – some art comes from a playful place, some is born from joy, and so on. It is true, however, that some art springs from a deep seeded need to express oneself and experience catharsis by transforming personal …

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CD REVIEW: Let It Melt by Diesel Park West

I admit going into this review I did not recognize this band. Despite a three decade long existence, Diesel Park West eluded my rock fandom but, introduced to their work via this release, I am jazzed to acquaint myself with their back catalog. The UK quartet’s new studio album Let It …

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CD REVIEW: Visions of America by Matthew Squires

Summer 2019 has produced some larger than life alternative records, but what Matthew Squires has just released this past August in Visions of America is pure poetry in nine nuanced compositions that are unlike any others that I’ve reviewed all year long. Armed with little more than a galloping guitar and a …

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SINGLE REVIEW: One Line Down by Mahmood Khan

One Line Down is the new single release by singer-songwriter, musician and filmmaker Mahmood Khan. Khan wrote and produced the song in the beautiful and tranquil Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. ‘The song is about the joy in striving to achieve an inner balance in life cos …

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Born Days drops new Single

Melissa Harris, singer/songwriter and producer, works under the name Born Days and garnered much deserved acclaim and notice for her 2017 debut EP Be True. The soon to be released successor to that release, another EP entitled Where We Live, builds on the strengths of her first outing and advances her artistry …

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CD REVIEW: Pyramidi Scheme by Smomid

It is possible to respect, even admire, an artist’s chutzpah and ambition without uniformly enjoying the results. It doesn’t often happen in music as opposed to, for example, literature where you can discern an author grappling with large scale themes in much starker terms, but modern musicians are, on the …

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