The TV Shows Ending In 2020

All things must pass. That includes the old sports network they used to have where I grew up called PASS. No TV show is on forever. Eventually even The Simpsons will end. Some shows will end quite soon, though. In fact, we already know some of the shows that will …

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New Year’s Eve TV Episodes Are Sadly Lacking

Around Thanksgiving, I wrote about how there should be more Thanksgiving episodes of TV shows. It’s a big holiday, but since it’s between Halloween and Christmas it gets short shrift by a lot of shows. Well if Thanksgiving is overlooked, New Year’s Eve is basically a ghost. There are very …

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2019 Was a Great Year for Food YouTube

I grew up on television. I was raised by TV. As time presses forward, technology advances, and I have kept up to some degree. I’m all about streaming platforms. I binge shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I’ve got some other apps, like Pluto TV and Filmrise, that I use. …

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