Weekend Movie (And TV) Recommendations: Beach Edition

It’s basically summer, if not officially summer, in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather is warm, or straight-up hot. People will be spending more time outside, and also with vaccinations it’s safer to be outside around others. To get you into the beach-y mood, I figured my recommendations would be beach …

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2001: A Television Odyssey

2001 did not turn out to be like the Stanley Kubrick film about a certain space odyssey. We were all watching things when they aired, and even the cable channels were less robust. AMC just showed movies. FX was far from a big player. This was a time when I …

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VestingFX- Best Platform for Trading and prospering

VESTINGFXis a vibrant online trading and brokerage company. It operates by themaximclients and excellencecomesfirst. This is evidenced bytheirin-house top-quality trading services developed to fulfill clients’ needs in CFD (Contract for Difference) and Forex trading. Their key objective is to provide user-friendly buying and selling platforms that generatehighreturns for customers. In …

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