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Disabled Characters in Video Games

A new study by Currys PC World investigating diversity in the gaming industry has found that, while the representation of race, gender and disabilities has improved in games since the nineties, there is still a distinct bias in favour of the young, white, straight male. Using a bespoke scoring system (please see methodology for …

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Movie Review: Ready or Not

2019 may very well be the “Year of the surprise” for movies as yet another one defied expectations. When watching the trailer for Ready or Not, no one could’ve predicted what would be the finished product. The trailer was bland and unimaginative, and one you hardly were blown away after seeing it. …

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Initiative for Asian American Filmmakers, Screenwriters, & Musicians Name Grand Prize Winners

Hollywood event producer and writer Erman Baradi of Ermantourage teamed up with his reps at management company Emagine Content for the inaugural Innovasian contest seeking emerging Asian American screenwriters, filmmakers, and musicians.  Today, Ermantourage announced the winners for the initiative who will be mentored by its lineup through a series …

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